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  1. where did u see ur wallpaper? I purchase 1 roll at 420..sob sob 40 bucks more ex then yours
  2. Lighting for kitchen - 32W The lights for Living hall - 40W
  3. hapigal


  4. Pending to finalize which painter to use on Monday. Purchase the lights to be replace from Lighting.com.sg today. Items on the list to be purchase TV console Digital Lock to be install Change the existing gate
  5. The kitchen - everything stay except the lightings.
  6. The dinner area, the ugly kitchen lite which have to go.Most probably will be relocating the storage shelf to the kitchen to make space for my sofa.
  7. http://renotalk.com/forum/uploads/gallery_55134_82_53625.jpg
  8. Need some expert advise here. Took the key from owner today. And Get the SP services ppl to activate the electricity and water. Water works, but for the electricity, only 1 living hall light lights up. The rest didnt. The technician comment that due to removal of 2 bed room light (ex owner remove the lights with our consent), some how to electricity cannot flow properly. And once the light is installed in the 2 room, all other lights will light up too. Any1 has this experience? is it true?
  9. drop by the home and décor roadshow at marina sq. Somehow already make up my mind to do up the wallpaper and went down to MY WALL STORY to check out the price. Make up the decision to purchase on the spot. 3 roll at $420 each, installation included. Yet to select the design, but saw some design which catches my attention! Esp the recent craze - brickwall Agar 2 roll for living room and 1 roll for master bed room. Was lazy to do further research as the price fits my budget and close both eyes to sign on the dotted line. lol! And also apply for activation of utility b4 the key handover. to my horror, the sp svc technican needs to access inside the house to off the fuse in view of short circuit. Ah DohZ! Quickly call agent to see seller agent willing to let me have the key for the utility switch on. Happy, as I get to see the house 2 days earlier! lol
  10. Wow, the wording 70% less caught my attention! it must be better then striking a 4D
  11. Peiseh, u were saying their door workmanship is not good, rite? I m thinking do u haf contact for doors? Separately purchase the door from other supplier...hee...
  12. I go for fabric as I do wish to explode my utility bills...