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  1. Doe anyone know whether there is anyway to cleanse the house after a tenant moves out? I had a tenant staying with me before, and I was uncomfortable with some things she did in the house. Is there any thing I can do to make my house, my house again, clean and safe, physically and spiritually?
  2. I had read about all the good reviews Summit received in this forum, thus my mind was quite made up already although I had asked for quite a number of quotes. Of course, due to budget constraints, I also compared the quotes before I made the final decision. There was actually only about less than $2k difference between the quote Summit submitted and a direct contractor. Being always busy with work, I decided to just engage an id to handle and coordinate everything for me. Everything turned out well initially, quote negotiated to what I wanted. They were helpful in every way. Even with renovation loan, which I do not think they actually get anything out of it. 3D drawing submitted, changes conveyed to id. As the dates for reno gotten from my Fengshui master was quite near, they also accommodated to my request and arranged everything very quickly. I encountered some issues with my loan application and they still started the reno on the date I requested for. On the second day of reno, photos were sent to me on the progress of the reno. But that was about it. I received no more updates. I thought since Summit received so much good feedback, it should not be a problem to just leave it to them. I do go do regular checks on the progress and thought that it was a little slow. Only then I realized there was no timeline given to me. So I started going down almost everyday to check on the progress. The more progress I saw, the more I worry as there were more and more issues that weren't what was agreed on initially. 1. There was no revision of 3D drawing shown to me despite several reminders. 2. Because of number 1, I wasn't able to visualize how the wardrobe will turn out, and I only saw the finished product, which eats into alot of space. 3. Position of the lights were incorrect. 4. Color of laminate for kitchen cabinets were wrong, despite having gone through twice. Id said he felt the color was more suitable, but I thought he could have at least told me he was changing color? 5. I changed my window and since day1 I had already told id what kind I wanted, and it turned out wrong. 6. I noticed a few times when I walked in, the workers did not even question who Ia m and just let me wander into the house and look all over. i wonder how many strangers have visited my home without my knowledge. 7. Once I went down and the door was wide open with no one inside the house. There are a several more points but I shall not list them down further. All in all, I think that they are not bad, really. But perhaps really too busy to manage my project properly. Lack of communication was the main problem. I would have appreciated more regular updates. Now, I am not even sure when the reno can be completed as there are several items to be rectified. I have postponed the delivery of the electronic items and bed etc twice already and I dont think they will entertain any more changes. All I hope now is they can complete on time next week....
  3. M starting my reno in another week, and would like to know if there is any rituals to follow through, like when i should roll the pineapple or other fruits, when and where to sprinkle the rice, bury old coins where, hammer knock where, what to burn etc. i am a free thinker, but just feel that it is better to follow what the old folks say. Better safe than sorry right? TIA!
  4. Which is better? Please recommend. TIA!
  5. Thanks Ivy. I went ahead with the FSM tho he was in your list, cos the appointment aldy made. I found him ok, didn't ask me to buy this and that, gave me opinions on where should put what and what colours etc too. Whether accurate or not I don't know yet la... but didn't give me a bad feeling. So... shall see la...
  6. would like to seek some advice. One of the rooms in the unit that I purchased has a hump on the floor tiles. This was not detected earlier as the hump was under the bed I have checked with a contractor and he said it is due to job not done properly when previous owner laid the tiles (something like not enough cement and due to the air trapped inside expanded the ceramic tiles now pop up??). Has anyone encountered this before? Can this be rectified easily? Or is this a potential structural problem?
  7. is it true that after first appointment, HDB will do an inspection on the flat to ensure that seller did not do any illegal change of structure and ensure everything is in order before proceeding to complete the transaction? So the buyer at least knows the unit is safe, and there is no structural problems?
  8. Totally agree with Ivy. I backside itchy... wanna engage FSM before I even sign on dotted line, though I am almost 100% buying the unit. Well, just for peace of mind...
  9. Thanks Tour! I am actually getting his brother Adrian Lo. I hope he is as good as Jeff *cross fingers*
  10. Hi Tour, did you engage either of them in the end? they were one of he few I was considering.
  11. Hi Ivy. can pm me the list of good and bad fsm too? I just made an apt with one! hope he is in ur good list haha
  12. Just wondering, if you have already exercised the OTP for re-sale, then you discovered some defects in the house that was not told to you by the owner or owner's agent, do you have a right to call the deal off and get back the deposit? In this case, the owners knows about the defect but did not offer this piece of information. Defect will require major overhaul on buyer's part.