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  1. Want to sell Ecozoom vacuum cleaner Bnib. Bought spare and want to share cost. Google Google www.mobot.com for info on the cleaner. Resemble the Dyson cleaner. Msg 92243295 for info and pic of item.
  2. My kitchen has backsplash and 2 separate switches in between. It can be done. Ur house. .....ur id must meet ur demands if its possible.
  3. Ard 2 weeks have past since I last posted. The 2 weeks was a rush to complete most of my reno so that it will be ready for move in. I will update soon with lots of pics and experience I gained. Stay tuned.
  4. Celine, the 25kg is by sea or air?
  5. Missed that sticker. Ya was lazy to go and buy a leveler.....just proceeded to drill. Now my wife dun wan me to drilling in my new place.....lol. I'm still working out the details for the security camera u mentioned in ur blog. Waiting for my fibre to be up first.
  6. Thanks for the advice on the drilling. The pic has the wire showing under the pic. And as for using hp apps as leveler, need to make sure the hp cover is flat and the leveler is accurate. I drilled my tv slanted in my room as I trusted the app and not my own judgement.
  7. Update on the flat after a busy week or 2. 1. Aircon is up. Single split 12k btu in my masterroom which is joined with the commonroom. Don't feel the need for aircon in the other rooms as there will be almost zero usage for at least 4 to 5. Cost ard $1100 for panasonic sys 1 12k btu with upgraded insulation/piping and free 5 yr warranty from gain city. The installation went alright....not smooth due to some stupid layout design on the flat in my opinion. 2. Tiling completed. All looks fine but can't really see the full effect till cleaning of the flat is completed. Glad that I went for the glossy black tiles rather than a semi gloss. The shiner surface looks nicer and doesn't make the house look dark. 3. All taobao items have arrived and installation in progress. Out of ard 60-70 items, only 1 light came broken. Which is too bad since I didn't like it in the first place. Also notice I ordered 3 85cm red settees instead 1. Not sure how that happened. 4. Painting completed. Need some touchup but will hold it till most of the items are in. Made one mistake choosing a grey which ended up too light and had to top up to get another grey painted in its place. Some pics to share. A preview of the colours in the home. Except the white which will have wallpaper on it soon. Improvised light yesterday night while I was sorting thru the many many taobao items. Something which I tried yesterday night and looked quite nice. Now thinking if I should do something like this. Lastly, the quadcore samsung note 2 camera sucks. My old single core htc sensation XL camera was such a joy to use.
  8. Hi Celine, This is the smaller replacement tap I had to buy. 52cm. http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=2013.1.w1004-3365022355.1.NTayzO&id=7385894219
  9. Hi you can try taobao. Its quite cheap and you might be able to ship it over since it will be quite light.
  10. Been busy with my reno stuff. I bought harry potter series, dark knight series, twilight series, xmen series and a musical on tuesday as I would be busy with work and stuff. Now regret abit cause will have to miss out on pacific rim for us 8 bucks. Already spent close to 200 for the blu rays.
  11. Thanks for the advice. Wanted to conceal my wires but decided to spend the money on blu rays this coming black friday.