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  1. Mr. Sam from WindowImage. Sincere and patient uncle.
  2. Hi... is there a sure way to test that the water proofing done by the contractor is OKAY? What happens if we suspect that there's problem with it (after a few weeks, water marks and sippage outside common bathroom wall)? Can we get HDB to check? I don't want to kenna from HDB (later say I suka suka gajiao them).
  3. IMO, 'after sales' or in our cases, 'after handover' service from the ID firms or renovation companies is important too! Do you have issues after the house is handed over to you? How is the response of your ID firm?
  4. Please check your items BEFORE you sign on the delivery note.
  5. From my experience, with my 1st reno.... every day if possible. Especially when there is any MAJOR action i.e. things that once up if wanna rectify, very tough..those kind. Are you re-tiling your floor? Has the ID discussed with you how the tiles are to be layed? etc.
  6. Looks like "air bnb" concept will not work in Singapore
  7. Oh...not those kind. I am referring to those which are portable. Think some have compressors and some use ICE and water (like flintstone era...hahahaa).
  8. Hi people, Anyone have experience with Standalone Cooling Units? Any good? I do not want ceiling fans as I find them "ugly" (I "ai swee mai mia"..hahahaha)
  9. Hi peeps, As Songz had put it, I think I ought to update all on the status of my reno. Have to give credit when credit is due. I have closed the case with my renovator as well as this chapter of my life (wahhh sound so drama ma ma). They have rectified the issues I had pointed out to them. Thanks to the boss who stepped in. Like what TS had said, all these would have been avoided if he had done so earlier. That being said, must give a thumb up for Dr Sky Tan for being "a man of his words". Wishing all ....a smooth-sailing renovation. NOW, it's time for me to enjoy the fruit of my 'labour'!! Cheers~
  10. The company had since followed-up on this. At areas where I cannot accept, I had insisted them to overlay.
  11. No idea. But are you gonna DIY? I consulted the paint shops and most say it is not easy. The skills of the painter has to be there. Might not be able to get the kind of effect you THINK it should give. If you are doing it for 1 wall, why don't consider wallpaper instead? JMHO
  12. I got mine from Window Image. I got 3 quotations from 3 different suppliers - 1 recommended by ID, 1 recommended by relative, 1 recommended by gf. I chose Window Image (recommended by gf) as their quote was the cheapest and the sincerity & patience of the boss. Quality wise, no complaint. Service wise, no complaint as well! Staff attitude was friendly and timely. The boss even came personally to monitor the work (I guess he understood what I was going through ...issue with reno company, delay etc.) to ensure everything was in place when I get home. THANK YOU, SAM!
  13. You are referring to Kompacplus, right? More info on http://www.kompacplus.com/
  14. Don't get too HUGE a box until you cannot carry it or transport it in your vehicle Glad to be of some help