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  1. OK. After meeting with the Boss, SKY Tan, rectification works start to move faster and on the right direction. Now I getting positive attitude and solution rather than excuses and uncooperative behaviour. He came down personally on Monday to check on the carpenter works and station his new project manager whole day to supervisor the rectification works. After some chit-chat with him, I find him honest, down to earth, friendly and responsible unlike his manager who always broke his promises. Because of his sincerity and positive working attitude of his people, I compromised on certain issues. His project manager is good and very experience. I will post some pictures later to show the difference. If he will to intervene early, the damage might be smaller. This is the area he need to ponder how he can discover all those cases of poor handling by his people.
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    All good limitation should be scratch resistance. Unless you use sharp object to scratch it.
  3. Renojoy. I told his that you too have lot of defects and problems and he agreed to met you. I pm his no to you already. Good luck to you and hope you can settle your issues as well.
  4. Thanks to this forum. Today, I got a phone call from this company boss, Dr. Sky Tan and we met at my place to inspect all the defects and discuss possible solution. He admitted that his sub-contractor workmanship is below standard and promised to settle all the defects within 2 weeks and extend 1 more year warranty. I wasn’t very happy because he still will use back the current carpenter. The reason is that they have built a new cabinet and he want me to give them a chance. OK, I agreed but that is my very last time. I will stop post for the time being and let them redo the cabinet, touch up and replace those defectives items. he further explained that he is in the midst of renewing CASE Trust accreditation and BCA certification, so I will seek clarification with CASE Trust and BCA. Thanks all of you and you supports.
  5. Same, same. workmanship very bad. I still have a lot of photos to be uploaded. how to accept such workmanship.
  6. You need to upload your pictures to this website gallery and them chose “my media” to attach your pictures. Same, they touched up with paints. I already told my ID I can’t accept it. Anyway, a new carpenter is coming to do the touch up job this coming monday for 2days (promised by his manager), i will see how this new carpenter work. Hopefully, they are better. The old carpenter is problematic, their staff even call his boss to come down to see and do himself. My ID said he has many sites to touch up.
  7. Yes, I given them what I want and they come back with the layout. However, when the carpenter and ID came to take measure, they discover the fridge to to big to put at that area and thus need to change the layout. The ID and the carpenter assure me that they are experience to do the new layout since I leaving overseas the next days. The fridge was shifted and the cabinet beside is to cover the sewage piping. When I return back, I was shock to see the layout and was communicating with the ID about the layout. Initially he proposed to fix a glass panel on the side of the cabinet and send his contractor down first. As I was not convince and keep insisting that he redo the cabinet, then I realize that the company want him to paid and he trying to avoid the cost. Eventually, due to the melt down of the oder, he agreed to bear the cost and send his carpenter down to modify the cabinets. If i have signed the layout plan which I never see it, then obviously, they will not redo it at their cost. Here are some photos what they have redo. The upper big, they came today to take measure and will assigned to another new carpenter because the current contractor quality is very poor (door wrap, dented...etc) The biggest cost is caserstone top. So, instead of making a whole place, the cut the one one and made another smaller piece. I rejected the top and they claim that caserstone can’t produce a whole piece. I asked them to get a letter from caserstone to prove what he said and I still waiting. When I told the ID Manager about scratches marks (please see below picture), he keep insist shinning lamination will scratch. I told his off and asked his to leave if he isn’t sincere to solve the problem. Yes, they are big. I was impress by what they said, CASE Trust Accredited, RADAC, BCA, SME.....and also know many are having problem with renovation. That is why I chosen them despite they charge higher. I didn’t know that we can check the list of accredited and when I approached CAS Trust, I realized that they wasn’t accredited. Well, this is completely mislead. I posted here just to alert anyone who may be impress by them and ask them to consider before awarded them their contract. If they think it fine, then go ahead.
  8. Here is the photo of the cooker hob that are installed next to the cabinet. When I told my ID about the design flaw, he said to me that he will paste a glass on the cabinet wall and suggest I use my wok on the left side. He further said that most people cooked on the left side. Haha, what a joke. Then my wife on the fire, the edge of the door melted and I told him that I will report it to SCDF. After my insistence, then he agreed to modify my cabinet and my nightmare started.
  9. CASE with just try to mediate but I need to bring up to CASE TRUST attention so that they take action to stop them from using their decal to mislead consumers and make false claim. I prepare to contest them in SCT for damages and losses. My lawyer stated that if they will put CASE Trust decal, then they must fulfill CASE TRUST standard regardless whether they are accredited. Since they mislead me and I paid then 20-30% higher than contractors quote, I am going to contest for such damage. The reason I posted here is to alert those who intend to reno their home to beware of this group. I posting same of the pictures to show their workmanship later.
  10. This is my agreement clearly stated they are Case Trust and RADAC accredited and BCA registered contractor.
  11. I sent my request for free quote here and one of the many contractor that called me was ** Consultancy Pte Ltd I awarded my renovation contract to ** Consultancy Pte Ltd on the 10/9/2013 and the renovation officially started on the 5/11/2013 which scheduled to complete by 3/12/2103. However, the works were delay, rushed and finally all the works were done a day before Chinese New Year Eve which is 29/2/2013. When I inspected my house, I can't believe my eye. The cooker was placed beside one of the Kitchen cabinet, some of the laminated cabinets or desk top are scratched, doors are wrap and the internal of the cabinets are full of scratches, dirty marks and holes. All the windows grills are poorly power coated and some even not coated at all. I immediately message my ID which is spending his CNY in KL and he promised to look into it after CNY. Since, their contractors spend long CNY leaves, I have no choice but wait for them to rectify or touch up after 10/2/2013. However, the touch up and rectification works went on very slow and it still have no complete till today. The kitchen cabinet was modify in order to shift the cooker hob to the center in which they just cut a hole in between to let it sit through. The works were very sloppy and uneven. I protested and refuse to accept but the problem didn't stop here. The top cabinet doors are all uneven, wrap and can't even close properly. The carpenter tried to salvage their modify but it becoming worst. Now, the cabinet is tilt inside and unbalance. I spoken and threaten them but the results were still the same. I think they don't care at all. My ID is willing to help but he has limited power to direct or control their sub-con. So, I told my ID that I have no choice but to complain to CASE and take legal actions. Since they are CASE Trust Accredited, I thought I can get CASE Trust to help to mediate and I was shocked. They are not CASE Trust Accredited at all. I pay them more than other contractor because I thought they are CASE Trust Accredited and should have better quality. Then I became to check their other claims, they stated BCA registered but when I check with BCA, they are not. I have seem made a report at CASE Trust and police which they assure me that they are investigating on this matter. Case have write on my behalf to claim against them and should they refuse to compensate me, then I will go to SCT. Now, my ID is trying to get other carpenter to redo a new cabinet and finish repair and touch up at his cost. I pity the ID which is on commission. How can I post some pictures to share?
  12. Hi Eric I need 5 fans with light. 1 for living, 1 for dining and 3 for bedrooms. Also, I need 20 pcs of Led lights. Please pm me your catalog and prices. Thanks
  13. Hi You need to check your block whether you block is upgrade to 11amp. Currently, my EM (just brought and 2nd appointment is 1st Nov 2013) in Hougang has only 8.5amp and I wanted to use 2 compressor but my air-con contractor told me about the 8.5 amp power limitation. So, I change to system 4 but if all 4 blowers are on, there still not enough power to cool the room. Like wise if you have two compressor and use them on the same time, the power is insufficient and will cause power trip.