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  1. My renovation started since last year early December and regardless of close follow-up on the progress, my ID didn't complete the renovation in time and does not commit to any timeline to complete and handover the house. Although the contract did not indicate any completion date, I am wondering if I have a good ground to file a case to claim from the ID the cost of those incomplete items so that I can look for another contractor to finish the renovation?
  2. Does anyone have contact to laminated hdb fire-rated door? My existing door is lacquer finish and I am wondering if I can laminate it instead of replacing the door which cost over $1k. Thanks in advance!
  3. Just to share my bad experience with Schneider/ Clipsal customer care. As I was renovating my new house, I intend to use back the Ulti switch/ dimmer but apparently, it doesn't work with LED light. Tried to log a case to Schneider and they provided a part number which they claim can rectify the issue. To my disgust, all the official distributor claim that they do not carry this part and one of the distributor told me that Clipsal Singapore do not indent this part and there is no way I can get it. I was pretty piss especially when the Ulti switch/ dimmers were extremely expensive. Log another case with Schneider and ask if the NEO range of product support LED. Apparently, they claim that it should work with all LED but since there is a huge list of model within the NEO series, they did not advise the exact model to use for LED lighting. When I reply again to seek clarification, I got the following reply: Rotten support to the core.... Never will I expect that due to no reply within their team, they simply close the case. This demonstrate how irresponsible they are and also reflect that they do not care about customer loyalty. Probably to Schneider and Clipsal, it have come to a point where they cannot be bothered with their customer anymore and it's either you take it or leave it! Not going to get another product from them and gonna jump ship to Legrand.
  4. Does anyone know if there is any company selling the invisible door handle or similar? http://www.no-ha.com/ As my ID is planning to do up a wall feature door for my bedroom, I wanna look for those low profile door knob/ handle that will not be too obvious. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi all, I am an end-user and not an expert in electronic stuff. I have the plan of replacing my incandescent/ halogen lamp to LED but I understand that my current dimmers is not compatible with dimming of LED. I am wondering if there is a workaround or solution where I can make use of my current dimmer to control LED dimming? Appreciate any advise on this. Thanks in advance!
  6. Recently while searching for a new house, I came across a household who claim that their washing machine does not require any maintenance such as periodically removing the filter for washing. The same and design of the washing machine look like the Thomson washing machine but I am not certain as I do not come across any description indicating that it is maintenance free. http://www.lioncityco.com/product_info.php?products_id=64 Have anyone come across such slim line top load washing machine that is maintenance free? Thanks in advance.