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  1. Haha I only thought of that after bringing back. Checked a few of them and found they're well sized for carrying. lucky...
  2. I went to the nearby Sheng Siong and they even helped me to find the larger boxes under large stacks that they had lying around! Thanks fer the suggestion
  3. Hi Guys & Gals! I'm going to move house soon and need some carton boxes! Do let me know if you have boxes you wanna throw away (I can help you )....
  4. i can't afford the price of the 90sqm flat...
  5. All blk 79 flats taken liao except for the 3rd storey 90sqm one... looks like i'm not fated to join u guys and gals...
  6. ya i think so too.. actually it'll look even smaller than 3rm cos there're 3 bedrooms while taking out space from the living room which is the first place everyone sees upon stepping inside! 2010~2012 is a little too late leh... wanna have the home first then start family next yr liao... very sian due to the bad timing......
  7. hey no fair! u didn't say i could see your neighbour's 75sqm unit up close! check your pm...
  8. thanks fer the offer! but as you said won't really help me in my decision.
  9. hi everyone! i'm due for flat selection this coming friday and seems like only 75sqm flats are left liao... but i'm abit hesitant becos 90sqm looks small to me already much less 75sqm. wondering if anyone can do me and my wife a favour by letting us take a look at their 75sqm flat??? i know it's alot to ask but i really can't visualise the size of the flat juz by looking at the floor plans... of cos any kind hearted 79ner willing to show me his/her flat will get a token of appreciation!!!
  10. like dat ah... dunno whether i shd get a place there liao!!! nah all the sinking funds of TCs are not affected by the downturn as stated in the Straights Times recently.. can't remember which day..
  11. tat's an interesting way to look at it... but initially surely there'll be the acclimatisation part where u'll have to get used to such a small space...
  12. yup i'm chinese but i've checked already all the 11 flats available are applicable for chinese. but then only 11............ any pros and cons about living in such a small home? have to spend more on custom made wardrobes or fittings so that you can fit more things in it?
  13. but if not 75sqm the 90sqm only left 5 or 6 units.. my queue number 100+ don't think can get the 90sqm one... really wan to stay near parents in tpy... sigh...
  14. i just got my queue number... thinking of getting the flat at blk 79 too.. u mean the empty flat is open for viewing??? would like to check out the 75sqm flat...