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  1. I cant seem to PM you, you can contact Sophia at 91188189 and check with her. She is a pole system wardrobe distributor
  2. Hi Mindy, there are a few things you may outsource, and it will be cheaper than what IDs may quote. I have PM you
  3. Dissatisfied customers post on forums with proves, pictures of defects and so on. You've none. And it seems like you're against me, rather than Sparico. If you're not satisfied with their products, im sure you have legs to walk down to their company to fight for your rights. Rather than to bomb here on the forum? Im done with weirdo like you. Good luck Branden. Hope you get your replacement of defect wardrobe.
  4. Hi Brandon, Its you AGAIN~ Kindly stop copying and pasting your post on every forum you see. I guess you have a personal issue with me. Do i even know you?? If you think you know me, you can always PM ME and ask me out. Dont need to hide behind you com and "Ctrl C & Ctrl V". & one last time, IM AM NOT A SALES REP FROM SPARICO. SO! Stop jumping into conclusion, and STALK MY POSTS. You're **** disguisting and SO un manly to do that.
  5. Hi Branden, do you have something against me? What do you mean by "me again"? Are you saying i cant post whatever i want and recommend people and companies to others here in this forum? Btw, i did recommend other companies as well. So does that mean im working in their company as well? You then wake up your idea. Why not you just say you're creating trouble here in this forum? If you have ZERO prove, ZERO evidence, dont jump into conclusion. And i realised your 3 posts are all replies to my post. So can i say: Hmmm Branden, Its YOU again, replying me!" Come on lar, dont be childish dude! If you think one recommending a company/ person is a staff there, then i guess this forum may close down, as it defeats the purpose of it already. Casue every positive recommendation is a staff, and every negative remark would be a competitor. Am i right to say that?
  6. Hi Clarviboi, Their wardrobes are all within the price range of 1k Plus only
  7. 5 feet all the way to 10 feet. Their wardrobes are all within the range of 1k Plus
  8. I have a customized tempered glass top available. Would you like to whatsapp me at 91188189? I can show you the picture
  9. Seriously, if you were to ask me, i wont believe Amare La Casa's from Australia! If they are indeed from Australia, they will definitely not be selling their wardrobe at only $300 per foot run. $300 per foot run is the retail price you can find anywhere outside like OPSH, Excel, Sparico and many more. Doesnt that makes them look dumb? I think they all can just close shop if that's really the case. One coming from Australia and the rest from China selling at the same price? Come on common Singaporean, ask yourself, which businessman wouldnt set up their factory in China for cheaper labour? Whole cheapest labour leh! Their "Australia" labour + rental + Singapore rental + labour. You think by $300 per foot run ENOUGH TO COVER UP their hugh expenses? Even if enough, i think the boss only earn a $1000 revenue monthly. Lame. We all know nothing is NOT from China now. Just to be honest, accept it. However, China has its pros as well. If you pay just a little more, the quality will be much better. Thats why when 2 apples come from China, people can catagorise one Sweet, another Rotten. Think about it Singaporeans
  10. True. No point comparing an apple to a cherry. If wanna compare should compare an apple to apple
  11. If you need quotes for wardrobe specialist feel free to PM me. I can recommend you
  12. Earth Living is a very honest designing firm. They are not greedy and always quote within the range * Thumbs Up to Earth Living!
  13. Would pole and shelving wardrobe save space and money as its meant for maid?