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  1. As abv , common bedroom door facing main door (but not direct)& master bedroom door facing side of kitchen but not direct.Anyway to resolve these?
  2. Recently i went hse hunting with my agent and hubby . The first hse was a rundown hse , lived by and old man , we wasnt interested. The 2nd hse was not realli renovated but it was bright , big and spacious , we like it once we enter the hse , i was very comfortable with the hse till i entered the master bedroom , it was facing the kitchen , i saw a "fu" or tailsman sticking on the corner abv the bedroom door beam , then i walk to the bedroom facing the main door but not directly , same , there was a "fu" aka tailsman sticking at the upper corner of the wall near the door. i was thinking its becos the master bedroom is facing the kitchen which i read its no good in the book and also the common bedroom.is facing the bedroom , also no good. i hv asked.many ppl , becos the tailsman is yellow it is just to.protect the owners. not sure hw thru ,anyone can advise me ? i just put my heart dwn on tis. hv uploaded the tailsman pic , anyone can advise me wat it says and its purpose?
  3. aiyo , he is trying to say more diluted vinegar+ water & not "thinner" ....
  4. Hi all , need a cheap hob urgently , used or new doesn't matter , as long working , & clean looking . Looking to collect in Punggol area.Pls watsapp or sms me at 83823542
  5. Hi all , need recommendations for contractor doing concrete kitchen base. I am looking to do for BTO 3 room kitchen , 1 side of the kitchen only. Anyone who hv good contractor , kindly pm me , thanks .
  6. Hi there ,

    would u mind to share with me the contact of your contractor , i am thinking to do up a concrete kitchen like you , do u hv any idea if he take up small jobs , just the kitchen ? i am living just opp ur estate , Punggol Spectra , await your kind reply , thanks :)

  7. hi all , some suggestions & opinions needed. i am a sahm mum with 3 kids aged 13,11 & 2yrs old . we got a 3 rm flat from the sobf mar 2012. oredi sold our old flat , new flat keys collecting this few days i suppose . Actualli we hv ample of time to renovate.our new hse before moving in as the buyer of our old hse , actualli verbally agreed to let us extend our stay till 28th feb 2013.but just a few days bfore the cny , the buyer agent called & told us we hv to move by 15th feb(as the buyer rental comtract with jtc is over , if he wan to extend.stay , its either he pay 2k rental to jtc , but of cos he told us we hv to pay for him the 2k rental if we dun move ) , which is just 2days away from now . My hubby & i tot , since our packing oredi done more than 3/4,once hdb gv us notice to collect keys, we will.just bring our barang together with my son's two giant playmat & our mattress , just move in without any renovations , nt even cement screeding , since also hv to wait a few weeks ... anyone hv gone thru stituation like tat ? pls share . Or if u hv any other ideas , alternatives , pls share with.us ... tia
  8. Hi all , Anyone know how long will hdb arrange ppl to come up to our hse to do the cement screed after we apply to do the cement screed ? I heard from someone hv to wait for 1 mth wor , isit true? Thanks in advanced
  9. YSL85 , u can use Vpost.com.sg , china taobao , more worth it , but provided , you r not against china goods . I got my bed from there , good quality
  10. Actualli wanted to apply fr boon lay meadow also , cos my mum hse in jw extension ... Tooo bad , tat time cannt cme up with the option fee , and more over q number nt very nice , ended getting punggol spectra from sobf using 3th child priority
  11. Hi all. Any one can advise if you got a lower quotation than mine ? Mine is a 3 room at punggol spectra. I intend to get tiles for myself Homo tiles for living rm & laminate for bedroom . I was quoted by 1 of the tiler recommened by my fellow neighbour He quote me with cement , sand , loading/ unloading ,acid wash $2600 Haulage by another guy $800 . I told him i wan to use hdb cement screed , he say cannot ... So was quote $3400 altogether. If with tiles , he quote me $4000 , dunno with haulage or not , forget to ask . Anyone got a quote similar as my scenario ? Cheaper ? Thanks !!