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  1. You can try spotlight. I got them at $60 for each for my windows. Total of 5. Each is about 114cm wide. But of course u need someone to install if you don't have the tools etc. My contractor will be installing for me for free.
  2. Its merged with my living room Pics will follow. Lots of updates soon! Painted and all the L Boxes are up. Fans being install tomorrow as well. I gave in to having 2 fans in the living room. Will look kinda weird but who cares as long i'm comfortable haahaha.
  3. Wow. Great and inspiring transformation. My Kitchen is similar in size too. I guess its because we have service yards that's why the kitchen seems smaller. Thanks for sharing and there's lots of tips picked up also as i near the end of my own renovation.
  4. We will have a full length storage cabinet in the living room as per the photo below. And it's 122sqm. To be honest it doesn't seem that big as they are 4 bedrooms and balcony and the service yard is bigger than usual.
  5. It wasn't too bad for me. i was hacking lots of walls anyway so the increase was not much. This is how mine is supposed to look. We shall see. lol.
  6. Wow similar to my place where i also knocked down my storeroom to build storage cabinets as the storeroom was at the entrance. Nice lights!
  7. Some updates after hacking done. Enlarged master bedroom. Storeroom and kitchen wall hacked.
  8. Hi Pat the permit has finally been approved and all the hacking works have been completed in a day. Turns out there was no beam in the first place!
  9. An update on the renovation. It was going along smoothly until we applied for the demolition of the walls. It's been 6 weeks and we have yet to get it processed. HDB insisted there was a beam and we got the officers to come down and take photos and even he said there was no beam but HQ still insist it there was a beam. We relented and resubmitted and the HQ has approved and now just waiting for the officer to issue the dates for hacking. Its been a nightmare as the officer has been pretty much uncontactable. As a result, my renovation is delayed as we can't proceed with electrical or carpentry or even to finish the tiling at the kitchen as the wall is in the way.
  10. I also encountered the same issue. Contractor advised not to change as it would cost 1.5k to 2k for the PE and BCA approval or something like that.
  11. That's quite an odd floorplan. Welcome to Bukit Panjang! I'm across the road at Jelapang (blk 53X) also with a 5 room resale but yet to commence renovation. Also upgrading from a 3 room BTO so i totally feel you! Seems that the progress is quite fast. Excited to see how it turns out