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  1. China granite does not really have that classy look, should go for those european imported one, as they look and feel really good
  2. This is actually caused by mould and yes you can clean it but it will always come back so you have to kill the mould spores so that the mould does not return anymore forever I used something called HCL89 to clean it, it managed to kill the mould spores and it has already been more than a year now and the mould has not returned to the rubber bits on my glass panel I usually get the HCL89 from http://hcl89.byethost10.com or http://hcl89.atwebpages.com Hope this helps you or someone else out
  3. I think if the cement is becoming yellow a short while later its probably during the cement mixing at the time too much water was used
  4. In my opinion its just better to remove the paint and then plaster it
  5. Was having some issues about the homogeneous tiles in my bedroom as the grouts had become blackened and the tiles were becoming dull and I had used the HCL89 from http://hcl89.byethost10.com and it really helped to clean my tiles, recommended.
  6. I had some issue with mold in my bathroom especially near the sealant area and so i gave the above HCL89 from http://hcl89.byethost10.com a try One issue i always had with the mold in the past was that it always seems to come back no matter how many times i cleaned the area After using the HCL89, the mold had totally vanished and did not reoccur, the product seems to have settled the reoccurring mold issue for me
  7. This is actually good point made, might as well do it as well
  8. You can also use something called HCL89 to clean your grouts as well to rejuvenate I usually get it from http://hcl89.byethost10.com or http://hcl89.atwebpages.com What it does is that it cleans your tiles and the grouts and rejuvenates it For me i find this the most effective in cleaning the grouts and tiles Hope this helps you out
  9. Hardwood is hard to maintain but really beautiful
  10. That seems like how the town council works, hmm
  11. This really made laugh, lol
  12. Will be getting hold of the HCL89 stuff tomorrow, will let you guys know how it turns out
  13. Haven't yet, but i am thinking of using it, it looks quite promising
  14. No way i will use thinner on my tiles that is just plain bad advice. For vinegar already tried that did not work