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  1. Hi, I will be moving to my new place soon. The sight of my existing stuff at home makes me wonder where and when do I start packing. We do not intend to move any furnitures but only our stuff like clothes, toys, books, kitchen ware, bags etc... We thot of moving our stuff ourselves, i.e do it over a few days. I won't say we don't hv much things but I reckon that when I started to pack, it may come up to more than what we think. Will b nice to hear from others on their experience in home moving.
  2. I have a 2 sided glass frame ( around 30 cm by 45 cm) with wooden frame. Used 3M stick on. Changed the stick on like after 2 yrs and so far so gd. But I guess it has to do with the environment, whether is it near the window? Strong winds can weaken the 3M stick on? I am not sure. I think we sticked more than what is required. I also used the 3M caddy in the bathroom for my kid. 1 yr has gone by n it is still staying strong.
  3. wow! First time I heard about this method. Shall try it the next time.
  4. its easier to kill a cockroaches rather than lizards. few sprays of bygones and can say bye bye. For lizards, we have to chase it with a broom.
  5. My regrets: 1) buying glass covered lightings. It's a challenge to change the lights as my ceiling is 3 m high. 2) buying an oversized fridge for two persons. 3) buying a nice tempered glass top coffee table. When my son started to crawl, we threw away the coffee table cos it's too accident prone with those sharp edges. Now my coffee table is the children's table from Ikea. Cheap n gd. 4) installing air con in living rm after staying there. 5) chose a dark brown color for my gates. It's a big mistakes. Always see dust on them. My neighbor Painted white color for their gates, looks much cleaner. 6) buying deep fryer when I only used it once. 7) getting cheap racks for storeroom. It couldnt make it in less than a yr. No regrets: 8) Left one bedroom empty (only with build in wardrobe). After my son came along, we started to furnish the rm according to our needs. 9) got a sofa throw over from Ikea to cover my sofa. It's easier to maintain. So u may not need a gd sofa after all. Another advice for newly weds- when buying furniture, think of the long run when u hv kids. Otherwise u r going to waste $$ to replace furniture.
  6. If u r looking at dryer, u can check out city gas. It uses gas instead of electricity n more friendly on your pocket. I used to hv a washer cum dryer (Electrolux). Broke down after 2 yrs n too costly to repair. I don't find the dryer in the washer cum dryer gd. Takes a long time n sometimes the clothes has a funny smell. Normally I jus take out fr dryer, let it cool down before I started folding.
  7. Living room - depending on your floor area, one air con may not b sufficient to cool the living room. End up may use more electric consumption. U can ask air con man, they hv a way to cal if the air con is sufficient based on floor area. I don't know how to cal. My contractor cal for us. But that was yrs ago. My current blower in the living room is directly above my sofa. Mine is Daikin n inverter. So I don't feel the air con as it is blowing at my tv. I have to on my fan to circulate the cold air. Placing air con blower on top of cupboard is bad idea. Will u clean the top of the cupboard regularly? Else when the air con blows.... The dust will b blown down too. That aside, it's going to b a headache if it leaks. Chances of air con leaking depends very much on the workmanship of installing the piping, that's my opinion.
  8. Same for me. Have tempered glass top for my dining table. I also regretted it. Nice to see but it's so Impractical. Buy it if u have someone to clean up after u else it's an eyesore to see the fingerprints.
  9. Where can u get the Bona "wood floor cleaner"?
  10. Hi, Would like to check with those who have timber flooring. How do you clean it? Can I use normal mop and those magic clean or Kiwi floor cleaner? My current timber flooring is Matt finish. Not sure whether should I go for gloss finish. Any inputs on that? Thanks!
  11. Hi, Would like to hear from those who have either install solid surface on their bay window or laminated wood or solid wood. Please share with me your thots. I couldn't decide on the choice. Wood supplier told me solid surface is cold and after a nite's aircon, it will be too cold for our buttocks. Solid surface supplier told me laminated wood will pop out after under too much sun. (But I have only one small section with morning sun.) Thanks!