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  1. Can i have the contacts for Uncle Chew pls?
  2. but i doubt i can do anything after i've paid him cos now he can't even be bothered to go up to take a look? he'll probably vanish after he cashed in the cheque. i'm holding back the $2k for the wall tiles only.. have this dirty grout thing happen to anyone else??
  3. hi all.. i really need advises here.. I spent over 2k to hack and lay new wall tiles in my toilet and its's been only few days and the grout lines between tiles turn yellowish and some even brown! contractor is now asking for completion payment and he claims he can't do anything to it! contractor insist that the tiles may have some "mud" substance that came off after the tiles are laid. what can i do? contractor refuse to do anything. HELP!!
  4. anyone else has recommendation on L shaped study table? my room has a odd slanting wall thus the L shaped table cannot be a 90deg angle.. contractor quoted us $1400 for a 6ft plain table! where to get ppl cut wood and laminate cheap cheap so we can fix it ourselves?? help pls..
  5. hi, anyone has comments about the new sanyo inverter.. the one that has few colour options one "Shiki Saikan? not sure what is the model number though. considering that, mitshi and toshiba sys3 inverters. i hacked the walls combining masterbed room and another room.. so do I need to on both aircons to get the room cool for sleep? the room measures 6.8m x 5.6m, ceiling height 2.9m. what BTU should I look at? any help is appreciated!! Thanks!!
  6. i can't seem to get any info anywhere else who does good epoxy at reasonable rates anymore.. might have to hack tiles now.
  7. hi can anyone help? is poh chin still in operation? the listed no: 68925394 not in use and david's number no answer. help plsssss.....
  8. hi.. anyone else able to help? i need help to hack a 3mx3m wall.. any rec on contractors and quotation anyone?
  9. hi, anyone else did epoxy spray for tiles lately? may i know the colours selection we can select? any contacts or recommendations? Saw this "Faith Coat company" at expo.. but they charge me $900 for kitchen flooring, wondering forummers still getting gd price from pohchin? TIA! =)
  10. hi all wondering if my wiw is a open concept, dun nid any sliding doors etc, how much savings can I expect for a 10ft wiw? anyone care to share how do alumix, closetdesign charge for a 10ft without doors? thanks in advance!
  11. oh ok.. does that mean if jus get a contractor to do that is nt worth it if i intend to get separate contractor to do my toilet n wiw carpentry cocs they's charge debris too?
  12. Hi all kind souls.. able to provide any contact for contractors who does good carpentry for walk in wardrobe & contractor who can just help me hack a wall and build a platform for my bed? issit true that custom make wardrobes are all more expensive then ready made ones? how much does hacking the wall n building the platform say 3mx3m cost me? appreciate all feedback! Thanks a million!!
  13. can i have Mr K's no. pls? email me snowball1272@hotmail.com Thanks in advance!! =)
  14. HiHi, can anyone PM me Mr K & also Johnny's contact pls? Thanks in advance! =)