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  1. nice house! seems like your new house is fully renovated, really good deal!
  2. i like how the MBR looks like now.. but i also dun like the MBR toilet. the vanity top takes up lots of space and looks dated
  3. i'm puzzled. so whenever a pet dog dies, the owner will have bad luck?
  4. Hello BnC, which part of serangoon is ur flat at? all the best for your renov progress!
  5. very impressed wif ur tiler 'kungfu' ur wall tiles.. swee!
  6. tease me huh!! hehehhehee... this ah meng powerful sia! super curious wif his kungfu, when will he start the 'performance'?
  7. how do u fix the mosaicinto the wall tiles?
  8. i'm so envious of your kitchen walls! my kitchen wall tiles are the old old HDB white squarish tiles, 18 yrs old! :'(
  9. your kitchen looks brighter and more spacious wif the new wall tiles. I like your black black floor tiles for the toilets too. the previous owner tiled the living room wall as well? all the best on ur renovation progress. looking forward to more pictures!
  10. After much consideration, me and the hb decided to hack all floor tiles and retile. but overlay MBR with laminate flooring. huge dmg!
  11. Thanks alot! My bf wants to change all the windows becos the catch is rusty, and some handles are loose. I hope can find the catch and handle for our windows. then can save some $$$. Think shd not be too difficult to change ba. let the hubby learn, then he can be the repairman for the house.
  12. Hi Homeowner, i'm also looking for shops to buy the window catch. can i know which contractor quoted u? thanks
  13. just realised spray painting the tiles are almost as expensive as redoing the tiles. why like tat? i tot will be alot cheaper
  14. Does anyone know of any shop doing spray paint for wall tiles and floor tiles? are they durable? expensive?
  15. i agree the purple is a bit too bright.. the fiery red is lovely! can't really see ur dining lights clearly.. is it 1 bigger pendant accompanied by 2 smaller metals ones?