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  1. I agree with the gas cylinder part. Our utility bill is a lot cheaper now that we pay for the gas separately.
  2. Looks like your house is coming along quite nicely. Congrats and have fun decorating!
  3. Hi Sophia. Sorry for the very late reply. Pmed you. Best wishes and happy renovating.
  4. Congratulations! I have my hands full with the boys now that it's the school holidays. Perhaps in late Jan/Feb when they've settled in their school? But, they're in different sessions so I'm likely to bring one along.
  5. Thing is not all the neighbours would be around when you go knocking on their doors. So, I wrote notes and passed to the maid/grandma. I think it's a nice gesture 'cos when my ex-neighbour renovated, my younger one was terrified of the drilling and screamed non-stop. I was quite mad 'cos had they notified us earlier I would have made provisions to be out of the flat.
  6. I engaged Self-fix. Mine was $2200, including sealer. I'm not pleased with them at the moment 'cos the paint peeled off the second time and they've been tardy with their reply.
  7. Hi, if you are not particular about wearing second hand stuff, you can get really cheap ones from other mummies at http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/cgi-bin...oard/discus.cgi. Pregnancy is only 9 months so most of the clothes are in fairly good condition...of course, you can ask to see/try before buying. I'm not particular and wished I had known about such lobang when I was pregnant...spent close to a thousand on maternity clothes .
  8. Yantzen, Store area quite big. I put all my cleaning stuff and some baby barang that I'm still trying to clear. Mine's left behind by previous owner. Made of plywood. Most would suggest that you create a store using gypsum board or carpentry. Removable, thin and cheaper.
  9. The white conices are certainly an improvement! You must be so happy.
  10. Wow, that's seems like a really good deal. Wonder if the location is good.
  11. Fishpond Ic. Unusal concept. Do post pictures of your completed Potter's room