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    Study Desk

    i've an ikea galant table (with extention) tt is slightly longer than 6 ft, would u be interested? Custom-made my studyroom, selling off my tables now, PM me if interested cos i dun check the thread. thks!
  2. Yeah.. Happi happi!! There's a little problem with the cabinets...some 1m shelves may actually 'sink' under heavy weigh...so some of the shelves can only put light-weight stuff
  3. Thanks! They sell the bamboo ones too! But sold out!! Wanted to get that actually
  4. My house's finally done!! It has been a real tiring 2 months!! My stickers from IKEA..3 people 'crashed' into my clear glass kitchen door before I put this up...Hope the stickers can last! They are actually meant for walls
  5. My house's finally finishing! They are going to do the last touch-ups on Mon and I'm going to move in on Wed!
  6. Yup..the water heater is inside. That opening is a false ceiling..but there's another layer of concrete up there..should have enough support i guess...the workers climbed up there before to move some of the old tiles down. I asked them to move my left over tiles up there as well!
  7. it's all set in the floor...making 'little squares' on the floor
  8. Now it's really small when the cabinets are all up! Can't figure out a way to take pictures nicely..the angles are not right! Dunno leh...think it should be concrete..but the floor up there is not flat..there are wooden planks all over..have to walk in between all the planks..
  9. Waahhh....sounds like a really major project...looking forward to your completed pictures!
  10. I had this 'attic' which span the size of the entire 2nd floor! !! But it's really too dark and too troublesome to open the 'trap door' to access it! Does all top floor corner EM have this?
  11. Laminated flooring upstairs Box-up for rubbish chute Box-up for pipes in dining room Bar counter
  12. My cabinets just arrived today, laminated flooring completed today too... But forgot to bring my camera..will upload photos soon once the cabinets are mounted!
  13. It's actually the top 4 corner units of those really tall flats in Bishan (can't remember which block liao..but if you drive around bishan sure can see..) Aiyoh...who on earth pay so much for it??
  14. Think the 700 - 800k one is those 'penthouse' with gardens..only 4 or 8 units in Bishan..
  15. Should be somewhere near the Mcdonald leh..not too sure also..but think you can check the HDB website