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  1. For the wall panel, you don't need the crimping tool. Ask your electrician to provide the panel, you can download the wiring diagram from the internet to show your electrician if he is not sure about the wire connection. If you have the confidence to do it yourself, check this out http://www.bluemax.com/techtips/networking...destandards.htm but still ask your electrician to provide the panel.
  2. Hi, my electrician did exactly the same as yours. I crimp all the RJ45 plug myself.
  3. Mine is Ellane, only in use for about 8 months. While cooling off after use, the rust flake is spread to about 6 cm around the hob, quite bad.
  4. The fire rings on my hob are developing rust flakes. Anyone have any idea/suggestion on how to remove the rust flakes and preventive measures?
  5. The fire rings on my hob are developing rust flakes. Anyone have any idea/suggestion on how to remove the rust flakes and preventive measures?
  6. Had been using the Ellane hob for about 8 months and all the fire rings started to rust. Usage pattern has been like cooking dinner 3-4 times a week. Going to call up Poh Joo about warranty. Anyone with similar experience?
  7. Renovation Day 32 (09/05/07) (Cont.) Common Bathroom: Outlet pipe changed. Mosaic tiles mounted into wall tiles.
  8. Renovation Day 32 (09/05/07) Few updates recently, been busy with work. The reno. is 95% completed, will post updated picture when I have time. Mean while, these are the pictures taken last weekend. Master Bedroom: Light installation done. Painting job started but not completed. Build-in wardrobe installation done. Master Bathroom: The outlet pipe has been changed. Kitchen: Kitchen cabinet installation done. Hob is installed
  9. Renovation Day 27 (05/05/07) (Cont.) Kitchen: This is the completed partition wall, after many design changes (even after work started). Some credit must go to the accommodating IDs and efficient tiler.
  10. agree with you. i had bought the s/s pipe, but the plumber didn't install it for me. he will rectify it this weekend.
  11. Renovation Day 27 (05/05/07) (Cont.) Common Bathroom: The basin, not sure why the plumber missed the s/s outlet pipe in the same box and use his PVC pipe instead. Already informed ID to rectify. Master Bathroom Basin, same problem with common bathroom. Installed too close to the wall too. Need to rectify. Instant heater.
  12. Renovation Day 27 (05/05/07) Air-con trunking was completed today:
  13. Renovation Day 25 (28/04/07) The tiling is completed. Plastering of whole house should be completed by end of the day. Confirmed the location of all plumbing and electrical points. Has also taken delivery of all the sinks, taps, WCs, cooker hoood and hob, lights and other accessories. Kitchen: The mosaic tiles is finally mounted on to the wall. Common Bathroom: WC installed. Instant Heater installed. Two-way tap installed.
  14. Didn't u see the pic? By masking tape. Just joking. It's done by cutting out portion of the tiles and re-lay the mosaic on to the hole. According to the tiler 'Ah Meng', some special 'kung fu' is needed to cut the tiles without breaking them and he happened to know the 'kung fu'.
  15. Renovation Day 23 (01/05/07) Kitchen: The kitchen partition wall is almost up. Plastering work has started. One of the common room plastering work has been completed.