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  1. Hi all, I am looking for renovation contractors for my 4rm BTO.. Hope you guys can help me on this...did some search on the forums and most of the highly recommended ones are already 'sealed' (nobody is sharing their contacts). And if possible...can anyone share with me the contact of this renowned 'Mr K'? Saw a lot of very nice posts on him too... Please email me at derbysig@yahoo.com.sg the details of the reliable contractors... Thanks alot...
  2. Hi, Can anyone share their contractor contacts with me? I am on a tight budget of ~25K for renovation of my 4rm BTO in Boon Lay Meadows... Hope that I can receive some recommended contractors (Good Carpentry from the good renotalkers here. Please PM or email me at derbysig@gmail.com If possible, do share some pictures of their work. Thanks alot...I am hoping to have my house done up by Aug or Sept this year.
  3. Hi,

    Can I have the contact for your contractor?

    I am very impressed by his work.


    email me at derbysig@gmail.com or drop me a pm! thanks!

  4. Hi,

    I am very impressed with his work.

    Can I have his contact number?

    And also a small favour...can you let me know how much is your total price for the reno? Thanks!

  5. hi, thanks for the reply! cheers!

  6. Hi Derbysig,

    There you go, 96340731, uncle Cheng. Just quote me, Jason, that introduce you to him, and possibly you may get a little more discount, as i always refers him clients. All the best to your dream home bud. Cheers!

  7. Hello fellow neighbour! I am from Boon Lay Meadow too...hehe... Will be collecting my keys this coming monday. Do share on the ID/Contractor choice you made yeah! Hope you have a smooth reno journey!
  8. Hi,

    can you email me Jessie's contact? thanks!

    my email is derbysig@gmail.com

  9. wow, where did you get the fans? it looks great! how about the price? well...i saw it from your signature...thanks! didnt look hard enough!
  10. Hi, Can I have your ID's contact details?

    I will be getting my keys soon and I wanted a good ID for my house. Thanks!

    email me at derbysig@gmail.com

  11. hi, can you let me know more on titan creative?

    I am interested to have a look at their work.

    Do email me the photos at derbysig@gmail.com thanks!

  12. Hi, can you PM me your contractor's details? thanks!

  13. hi, can you pm me your contractor's details? thanks!

  14. Hi, just to ask... did anyone of you guys used this company A Win Design Pte Ltd for your renovation before? I heard from my colleague that it has been around for very long, one of the old veterans in renovation.. BUT i cannot find any information regarding them, except that they are around for very long... Any one has experience with them, and care to share? Thanks in advance...