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  1. Hi,

    I am very impressed with his work.

    Can I have his contact number?

  2. Hi,

    Im very impress with Mr K. If possible, can you share his contact with me? By the way, is he an ID or contractor?

    Thank you

  3. Can you pls share Mr. K's contacts costs of the kitchen with Blum equipment and quotation with me pls?

  4. Hi kk85,

    Can share Mr K contact info with me?



  5. can share mr.k contact?

  6. Hello!

    Love your place!

    Would it be possible to PM your cost of renovation for reference?

    Many thanks in advance!

  7. Hi,

    I am very impressed with his work.

    Can I have his contact number?

    And also a small favour...can you let me know how much is your total price for the reno? Thanks!

  8. Hi, I am very inspired by your house's design. I hope I can translate my vision into reality too. Can you kindly share you Contractor's contact?



  9. Hello,

    Very impress with your home and want to do a brick wall for my new home too.

    May I get Mr K's contact number from you?

    I understand he is quite packed now but our reno can start after CNY.

    Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you very much for the attention. :)

  10. Hi kk85,

    Able to share Mr K's contacts and quotation if possible? Love the work he did for your place.


  11. Hi kk85,

    May I ask Mr K's contact details?

    If ok with you, also the quotation?


  12. Nice reno... ming if you share Mr K's contact details. Thanks.

  13. Saw yr renov , very nicely done. I m planning for industrial look n the platform like yrs.. II hope to get Mr K expertise, could you pls share his contacts ?

  14. Hi,

    Thanks for ur blog. Do you mind sharing Mr K contacts?


  15. kk85

    K Pro

    Thanks for liking...frankly speaking I do not know how much is the blum as it was quoted to me together with all the carpentry and all was decided by my contractor so I also have no clue about what part numbers. sorry for not being able to help