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  1. Very Nice queenstown123 Congrats! Btw, do you overlay ur toilet tiles? Thanks!
  2. This is not bad. Made in Singapore. www.pddoor.com.sg
  3. Thanks for asking. i think its a good question. From the initial pic below,it looks like normal wood support. I had not check the final mounting base yet. Something for me to investigate
  4. Thank you. Not that fierce as this is medium size. The fierce ones are the large size. see also shiok... Yes, polished stainless steel.
  5. Standard water stains which can easily remove and no rust So far no "pop" when using the hot water from Benington multipoint heater. Havent try boiling water though.
  6. Sure lao ban. Here it is. Alot of dust everywhere...hehehe...
  7. Hi Kirin, How do you maintain your white door? Does it get stain easily? What treatment do you use if there is any? For your advice. Thanks!
  8. Hi Kim, Dragon and all. Thanks for sharing the love of online shopping. Very encouraging aka poisonous...hahaha. Huat Ar!
  9. Thank you all for the poison and i had acquired a Farmhouse Apron 33" Sink! haha... The package had some abrasion But the packing inside is solid thus item is well protected UserGuide Solid sink
  10. Hi,

    Thanks for ur blog. Do you mind sharing Mr K contacts?