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  1. For those who wants to have the feel of solid wood flooring and environmental friendly plus health benefits, there's actually a engineered wood flooring which i came to know about it recently. It is scratch, stain & termite resistant, no formaldehyde emission, easy to install (overlayed to existing flooring).
  2. There's a new product called IONWOOD in the market, an engineered wood which emits negative ion and no formaldehyde emission.. Its from one of the top wood flooring company. I happened to assist them to market the launch of this new product at the moment, if you guys need more info, you can PM mi..
  3. Hi, i'm looking for 5rm HDB in sengkang area. Kindly PM mi if you guys or someone you know have the intention to let go their flat. Thanks!
  4. no problem... I'll reserve 20 copies for this mth issue... anyone need just pm mi... i'm ok with 30th...
  5. Hi... I got gd deals for everyone.. my company is doing advertising and come out vouchers booklet for restaurants... its a bi-monthly issue... 1st issue just came out targeting north areas... Most importantly... its FREE for everyone... kindly let mi know if u guys r interested, i'll reserve some for u guys... Simply log on to www.makanlobang.com for more info... and subscribe free for future issues... act fast!!! Do let mi inform if u guys got any gatherings... long time never join u guys le... P.S - mi can't take thai food... so count mi out if there's... other than that, eat almost everythings esp seafood...lol
  6. go whr?? think i miss out alots of things here... very busy with work recently...
  7. Happy New Year Everyone!! Let's hope 2009 will be a better year... no more disaster... lesser taxes... petrol price drop to bottom...
  8. at tampines 800+. can add mi @ jarenyang@gmail.com
  9. skywolf the red wine u can have it.. me oso forget about the wine le... btw today kenna 1 summon but not at yr place... suay la... oni park for less than 10mins...
  10. so should we send some rep to watch out for fatimah... Applefreak - we meet u 12pm at below our blk...
  11. Merry X'mas everybody! Wat time to meet tis sat? My wife going oso... Should we bring anything there?? Do you all know where can buy/adopt puppies? gd breed + affordable..
  12. thx... how come didnt see u...
  13. Hi everyone... i'm back.. just got a new job recently, finally started work after 5mths of rest... My knee finally getting better liao.. but still abit weak.. I think can make it for the x'mas gethering, but wife not going.. will persuade her to join along... haha
  14. Hi, any recommentation for seafood restaurant and activities for batam??
  15. i lost the contact le... sorry~! i check with my specialist, he can only refer to private... problems...