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  1. Anyone has recently replaced their hinges with Blum? I'm looking to replace mine with the Blum Aventos HK system for 3 kitchen cabinets and if the price is within my budget, perhaps I do all 6 cabinets. At the same time I also need to do some small repairs, adjustments and cupboard hinge replacement. To think my house is only 7 months old... Seems like the Blum Certified contacts in their website are not interested in doing small jobs. Looking forward to any advice and contacts!!
  2. I have the above for sale. Brand new in White. http://www.tecno.com.sg/product_details.asp?prodid={E965A606-BCA8-48DC-B0CA-C3AF507F2AB0} Letting go at $400 (Negotiable). Please call or SMS 90118142 to deal.
  3. No worries being a poor man as long as you are not burdened with debts...
  4. Huh? Why is BTO flats not "designed" for instant water heaters? Instant water heaters can be placed anywhere you want it... Is your ID trying to push you to get the gas water heater?
  5. Perhaps you should elaborate more on what happened...
  6. A question to all who have bought their KDK ceiling fans from JB. When you declare your purchases to Singapore Customs, they will take reference from your receipt and add 7% to it? Meaning if the fan costs SGD250.00 after conversion from Ringgit, the GST payable is SGD17.50?
  7. My current roller blinds are from Jimmy Textiles... Chose the "black out" type to block out the sunlight... The blinds are easy to wipe down and clean so maintenance is a breeze...
  8. Your renovation should be pretty minimal yes? The condition looks great!
  9. Congrats... My wife and I always wanted an EM but don't have the money to afford one so too bad for us...
  10. Congrats on your new purchase... Must be rather expensive I suppose... Perhaps you would like to re-load your floor plan as it's rather small...
  11. Wah I've been away from your blog for so long liao ah... Kong xi kong xi!! My journey for my new place is about to begin... Now offered for the new place (5I) in Tampines and have put my place (4A) on sale... Fingers crossed and hope that it's accepted... Also hope that I can sell fast fast and at a good price... Until then I will have to do my "homework" and calculate my budget for renovations and furnishings...
  12. Nice to see that your house is done up swee swee... I like your dinning area and kitchen very much... Very "clean" lines and homely feel... How many more months to go till you see you baby?
  13. Hope your Joven water heater can tahan... Mine's cranky liao...