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  1. Hi neighbour 3Dyms, HappyAng Junior, everyday eat, sleep, play.. So shiok. Wifey & me turns panda le.. Ha..ha.. Ok, will try take a photo of HappyAng junior.. How's the feeling of living in an EM?
  2. Hi, welcome to EM club! U bought 7XX JW, my friend recent also sold her EM @ 71X. Looking forward to more photos. Wish u a smooth renovation journey. Cheers.
  3. Hi, welcome to EM club! Which part of Jurong West? Mine is B.Batok 5XX. After u shift in to new place, then starts ur T-blog, ok?
  4. Hi neighbour 3Dyms, congrats on completion of ur renovation & u have a beautiful house..
  5. I m very familiar with the area. Ur Blk is one of the EM in Jurong West which is near MRT. Good choice! Who say newer forummer cannot set up WMC leh? If u start, remember to invite me hor.. Btw, where is ur 5AM?
  6. Hi Bro typhoonz, Thanx. Ha..ha.. I also seldom come into Renotalk le.. So u manage to secure the 5I in Tampines? Thought u looking for an EM? Also hope u can sell a good price for ur 4A. Jia you.. Hi, what is the purpose of having a pull cable in the feature wall? The pull cable is to pull the wires of ur TV or players through the feature wall as the area is very tight. So that in future if u need to add new players, u got the pull cable to pull out the new wires. Hope it helps. Btw, I have also PM u my ID's contact. Happy searching for ID & wish u a smooth renovation journey. Cheers.
  7. Hee..Hee.. I try to conceal most of the Aircon trunking.. I bought together with TV console and ask for a special discount. If buy only the coffee table, think is around $900 Thanx typhoonz. Junior HappyAng already 2.5 mths le..
  8. Hi zihui, I support West side EM club. 5AM & EM are bro, sure can join the club lah.. U setting up West side EM club? Yes, pls include me too. Me stay in B.Batok. Was busy coping with junior HappyAng, so didn't come into the forum so often now..AlezDrake75, welcome to the EM club! Ur EM looks like @ JW blk 9XX.. Wish u a smooth renovation journey..
  9. Just to share how my Aircon trunking is connect & conceal. Master bedroom Aircon trunking is placed behind the partition and runs behind the wardrobe which I request a removable access panel inside the wardrobe incase need to access the trunking but not damage my wardrobe. Only visible Aircon trunking (painted black) in the master toilet. Right side of the photo. Aircon trunking was mounted below the beam which linked master to bedroom 2 & bedroom 3. I request to plaster the trunking so it looks like a beam instead. Bedroom 2 The piping is linked from bedroom 3 (back to back), so don't see any trunking in bedroom 2. Bedroom 3 If u look carefully at the door frame area, u can notice the Aircon trunking which stretch to the side of the pillar. I also request to plaster so that it visually looks like a beam and not the Aircon trunking. I have also checked with the Aircon guy, if regularly service the Aircon and connect is good, very unlikely will have sweating problem which may required to open trunking and access piping. Even if sway sway kena, need to access, u can easily open the trunking and plaster back.. Hope it helps! Cheers!
  10. Thanx Bro Jackbatok for sharing. Think we will tahan the split (crack) for awhile and replace the door maybe end of the year ba.. Hi kissryl, sorry for late reply.Below are some photos of my master bedroom. As u can see from the first two photos, Aircon trunking is run behind the wardrobe with removable panel access to aircon trunking. As for the fan coil side, the trunking is on top of my blinds (sorry I do not have the photos to show the before & after), but if u look carefully at my second photo, u can notice a gap between my wardrobe & the wall. That's the space for my Aircon trunking. Hope it helps! PMed. Sorry for late reply.
  11. Hi all, not sure have anyone of you experience the "phenomenon" below? Does anyone knows what actually caused the split? We used the original solid timber door for all the three bedrooms and do a coat of paint over it. In less than two months, can see the door "split" (can see from the photo below) into half.. Called my contractor to ask him, he say the split is due to "OLD" age of the door.. Even the new solid timber door will experience that when time to come. The solution that he gave me.. 1) To change a new door 2) Patch up and paint over it and it may happen again
  12. Hi Stralph, sorry for late reply. Below is the link to the glass decal. http://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?spm=a1z10.1.w7592249573.55.Vgu7mp&id=17434465807
  13. Hi Pokz1981, below link is the indemnity form from HDB. Hope it helps. Cheers! https://www.hdb.gov.sg/pv_obj_cache/pv_obj_id_32017B8093ACC77D7D638121F95822CF2B2B0100/filename/INDEMNITY%20FORM.pdf
  14. Hi neighbour 3Dyms, congrats on getting the keys and start ur renovation today. Wish u a smooth renovation journey. Cheers!
  15. Just to share... Wifey & I don't know how to select 紫水晶山. One day, we went into the shop, 1st glance saw the 紫水晶山, 一见钟情 then decide to buy and become the new owner. The 紫水晶山 (ard 60cm tall, 16kg, look like a mountain, nice deep purple crystal, bottom of the mountain got depth & top got a cap which saleperson say can accumulate wealth) to put beside my TV console area. Price not cheap (more than $1K), but we like it and the boss only discount $20 for us nia. In less than 1 mth, my house number 4D open 3 times!! (Got once is 2nd prize wor).. but too bad I didn't buy sys bet. But I did strike a consolation in another number.. Hmm.. Consider 紫水晶山 did bring us some luck ba.. Disclaimer: I am not related to any fengshui master or selling any products. Just to share my experience of purchase a 紫水晶山 nia..