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  1. Hi, New comers or potential new comer to the EM club... Welcome Welcome I think now it is not so active here because no one is selling their EM due to the new ruling...it is the buyer market now. I think 2nd reason...a lot of us need to work harder to pay to earn $$ to pay for what we spend on the renovation and high COV....hahahaa You can read thru my humble journey on renovation of my 4 room and EM, both done by same contractor with same challenges of short duration within 1 month! Maybe I am lucky, both time I made it... Just some advices to share here...you cannot just depend on ID or contractor to meet your renovation schedule, you need to work hand in hand with them. No point making the relationship sour and cannot see each other eye to eye... else how you expect the work a good piece of work done. Some will say I seow ah ..."Pay money still need to worry about coordinating the work..." but hor... don't forget you are the one with tight timeline to meet and THIS IS YOUR DREAM HOME not theirs... be fair to others, they deliver the work you pay them lah...dun be too calculative and demanding, every contractor and ID also have many month to feed, so don't cut throat till they drain out all blood. I always tell my Contractor aka ID, "dun tell me you have no profit or loss money doing the job, it is just how much honest profit you want to make out from the deal" A project that loss money who will do it, so if you have Variation Order (VO) on the agreed Quotation, maybe additional Carpentry work, different tiles etc. negotiate to a reasonable agreed price. If you cut them too deeply, they will know how to cut back on you elsewhere to minimize their losses... so who suffer a the end... heheee...sound like "Contractor" ...no I am not, just that I done some commercial coordination project work in my early years...the theory and trick behind is sama sama. Looking back...I enjoy the process of renovation...seeing our own idea visualizing in front of us day by day... but I hate the packing and unpacking of stuff...and the house shifting...so tiring. Just so much here for the day...good luck and all the best to all EM Lovers...
  2. Balance of items... Check it out... slightly negotiable for sincere buyer.
  3. Hi Updated... left with these items Want to selling the following LED lighting - Brand New, balance from Renovation 1) Round Philips LED Down light, model 30624, 20 x 0.5w (10 Watt) Diameter is 4 inch. Warm white lights (yellow) If you are interested to see the specs visit lighting.com.sg - http://www.lightings.com.sg/images/pdfs/Philips%20led%20downlight.pdf They are having special offer now at $45 each. I have 2 of them balance, unused unopened. I am going at $35 each. 2) LED Strip - 2 set of 10 meters Length with connector and plug. Take 1 set 10 meters @ $25 Take both $45 Interested please pm me. Thanks
  4. I suggest you put grill for the windows along the corridor for security reason. Else you can installed security alarm system. cheers. Merry Christmas to all.
  5. There are a few pm asking me about the spray coating done in my toilet floor or wall. I will like to give my true comments of the work done . - Workmenship and service by FaithCoat - I rate them Very Good, as I think they are professional and responsive. Whether re-tiling or spraying, it depends on a few factors, - the existing tile finishing and condition - if alot of hollow tiles and crack tile, then it might not be adviceable. - if the tile condition is good or the floor or wall tile already overlay previously, this is the best option. - Don't forget about other cost involved when you need to overlaying or re-tiling - cost on re-route all your piping, maybe door or windows. - Depending on area you need to do up, spraying is about 30- 40% cheaper then overlaying but may come up to 50-60% cheaper if you need to hack. - time saving probably is also a key factors - 4 days verses probably near to 2 weeks - The choice of colour for the wall can be from paint catalog so no worry if you want solid colour or some rock finish textile, but if you go for those design or pattern tiles then this option is out. - Floor, will be of rough textile finishing, how rough I think you can request from them. - A plus point to make - no more difficult grount line cleaning to worry. - If no contact with sharp or hard hitting/ knocking, the paint work should last at least 5 years... to me that is more then enough, I should be sick of the colour after 5 years...heheee I hope the above will be helpful to those considering to spray coating their toilet floor or wall. Please note I am not relation with the Company Faith Coat and this is not advertising for them. I am just stating my review of the product and service. Cheers
  6. I see that you change all your Windows to black frame and the push out type instead of sliding for upper floor....Nice Any grill you will be adding?
  7. There is alot of silence reader or maybe is feastive season and everyone so busy with decor and shopping. My blog also invite mostly silence readers and less comments. Maybe mine not too drastic transformation like the rest of the EM owner. Nevertheless, enjoy the process of updating your progress as it will benefits others in their journey of renovation and also a profile for your own reference...:-) I peep into your house yesterday.... to look at your progress...I suggest you add alittle pressure to your ID to make things move a little quicker. Don't forget most of the good carpenters, tilers or good skill workers are Malaysia and you know CNY is big thing for them and if they cannot do much in the next 1 month, you will probably have a week or 2 without any work done during the festive... Did your ID give you a Schedule of Work?
  8. The wall tiles looks like my living room floor tiles... but my floor tile is the 600x 600 square tiles It is nice and will make your toilet looks bright and clean. Good choice.
  9. The kitchen colour is very nice...refreshing and neat. Look forward to see more updates.
  10. IMM....hmmm I bought mine from one of the shop too. Just be careful that there is a blacklisted shop here ...Mx Dxcxr ... so just be careful.
  11. I think your ID should be able to propose some Design on the wall staircase to make it looks good...move on and looking forward to the great transformation. Do you consider roller shutter for the balcony?