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  1. Hi Harriette,

    We bought a resale executive apartment and will be getting our keys soon. 

    Was wondering if u would be so kind as to share your contractor?  We might be hiring butterpaperstudio. R they good? Any regrets? 

    Saw their work on renotalk and I love their work. However, abit worried to pay them their design fee first before I get a quotation. 

    If u dun mind, can share how much was the design fee butterpaperfactory charge u? N ur overall Reno cost? 

    Many thanks in advance for your kind help !!


  2. Hi, very informative and easy to read blog. Think many newbies will benefit from your blog. The AO smith heater seems interesting. How is the actual experience of using it?
  3. I like your ID's layout. Very clever and simple. Who is your ID?
  4. I've replied all via PM. I prefer not to use email to reply. Happy New Year, everyone!
  5. Hi DaddyWinter, Thanks for the toddler toilet seat link. Hi Yelena, Nice window grilles. Where is it from?
  6. Hi, you can paste 3M safety film on the glass. So even if the glass shatters, the 3M film will hold it in place. The film is "invisible". I have them on my balcony glass doors.
  7. Oh, my contractor said that the aircon pipe has to be drained into the drainage hole. Otherwise, years of direct draining onto the floor may cause the downstairs unit to have mould on the ceiling as the water is cold. This is an important note for EM owners who have upstairs and downstairs toilets.
  8. Does anyone has any dryer to recommend? My current Fisher and Paykel dryer has somehow reduced its capacity. It can only dry half the load that it used to. We have only used it for 2 years.
  9. Hi Anemone and FamilyGuy72, thanks so much for your kind words. So happy to be appreciated.
  10. Actually we all worked as a team. Each of us has a different skillset and we contribute valuable inputs to the reno project. I contributed the "vision". Jay contributed design and color scheme. Mr Yeak provided the workmanship. Jay didn't really manage Mr Yeak. They were more like team mates who worked together. Both of them took longer than what I would like. However, generally, their works are good.
  11. So far, I really like my Ikea kitchen. It is very functional. And white makes the space looks bigger. I have seen pictures of the new Ikea kitchen online - they looks really modern and sleek.
  12. That's good to know. Share the link for the elephant pls.