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  1. Wah, thats a long way to lug it back from. haha . I hope it works better for you! Hmm , the only way that worked so far is to not use the rainshower. The handshower seems to let the hot water last longer.
  2. Thank you!! Shall pop by the hardware shops and get some
  3. Hi claypot , we got it for 849 at courts. It comes with a free philips docking station now. Some promotion. My brother just went to courts over the weekend and he is able to get it at 799. Haha , quite frustrating i must say. If they are not whispering , they are murmuring. The problem is if when i turn up the volume to try and catch what they are saying , the sound effects will scare the **** out of me.
  4. Finally got the Philips Fidelio soundbar set up yesterday! So initially i wanted it in the master bedroom so i can watch movies in bed and also because the masterbedroom has a small squarish layout compared to the living room so the sound should sound better. But...... Turns out my old tv that i placed in my bedroom does not have a HDMI (arc) point and thus i would have to connect the soundbar to the tv using the component (red,white,yellow) cables which the manual states as having average audio quality..... So reluctantly i set up the soundbar in the living room instead. Set up was a breeze. Just plug 1 hdmi cable (arc) from the tv to the soundbar , place the subwoofer at the back of the room and tadaaaaa....it works! I was truly impressed by how simple it is to set up. And , congratulating myself , i sat back to test the sounds with a movie "Master and commander" and a tv show "Once upon a time" after pulling off the 2 speakers and placing it beside the sofa. The movie was downloaded (i just discovered how to use torrents ) in 1080p and 5.1 dts (i don't even know what all that means....) and i fast forwarded to 8.00 min (the scene recommended for surround sound tests) and the sound is good. Details like the floor board creaking , the waves lapping, the rain lashing , the guns , the cannons , the foot steps of people running about and amid all these action , i could still hear the dialogue properly. I could almost swear that i heard the sound of gun fire burst from my right to the left. It was a bit odd to feel so immersive ,watching a movie in my own living room but i love it!! So next up is the tv series. My lovely wife and i have been watching this series "Once upon a time" with anticipation and hate. Nice show but the characters on the show keep murmuring or whispering....ALL the time! Half the time for the previous 2 seasons i have trouble hearing what they say. So this will be perfect for testing dialogue out on a tv show. The show started and Peter Pan started talking to henry. YES! I ,finally, can hear them speak clearly! And for the rest of the show , the dialogue was loud and clear. Very good. Even though this show was downloaded in SD , 2.0 sound.....but it somehow looks and sounds good~ As for music playing , i used my iphone to bluetooth the soundbar and played some music. The music sounds crisp and clear. Louder volumes did not distort and probably the only gripe i can make is that the subwoofer seems a bit subdued. This ends my review of the Philips Fidelio HTL9100. Happy with it!
  5. Hi! Was wondering what kind of 3m strips did you use for these posters? Cos i was thinking of putting up some frames too but would prefer not drilling into the wall to hang them. So was wondering if 3m tapes are good and strong enough? Thanks
  6. Hi sorry to hijack , but i just saw this post. Im staying on the 2nd floor and using the joven storage heater too. Pressure is not issue , but the hot water seems to be quite limited. For example if i am using the rain shower with hot water , it will run out of hot water in about 10 mins. And if the other shower is also being used at the same time , the hot water runs out even faster. If i don't use the rain shower and use the hand shower , the hot water lasts me about another 5 mins. So i am a bit disappointed with the Joven storage
  7. Hi guys , back after a really long while. Our home is more or less done. Still alot of unpacking to do. Its a real mess now. Haha. Anyways , we have decided and bought a Philips Fidelio HTL9100 soundbar. Quite a heart pain to buy it but we were looking around so much for a nice soundbar that is basically easy to use and preferably wireless to minimize the issues of wires and this seems to fit the bill! Hopefully it will sound as good as the reviews say so. Getting it tmr so fingers crossed!! And will give my review after trying it out For now here is how it looks. The speakers at the side can be detached for surround sound!! (Picture credit to engadget) And this is the review from CNET australia : The Philips Fidelio HTL9100 is a soundbar/subwoofer combo with detachable surround speakers, Bluetooth support and HDMI switching for full home theatre control. A lot of soundbars use all kinds of interesting techniques to try to generate surround sound. But all the techniques I've seen so far have been electronic. Philips' one is physical and really, really clever: a 191mm section on each end of the soundbar just pulls right off and becomes a left or right surround speaker. These sections each have a rechargeable battery, good for several hours, and a Wi-Fi connection to the main unit. You put them behind you and you have real surround sound. When you're finished, you plug them back on to recharge and form part of the soundbar. There's more to the system than just that of course. The Philips Fidelio HTL9100 also has a separate subwoofer that connects wirelessly and with two HDMI inputs along with optical, coaxial digital and a pair of analog audio inputs, acts as central control unit for your home-entertainment equipment. The HDMI output, which is normally used to pass on the video from your Blu-ray player or PVR, supports the Audio Return Channel, which means that when you're watching a TV channel on your TV, it can pass the sound back down the same HDMI cable to the soundbar for higher quality sound. It also supports Bluetooth. With the surround extensions attached, the bar measures 1035mm long and when put on a bench in front of the TV, only 73mm tall. Apparently the unit senses whether it is 'desk' mounted or wall mounted by its orientation and applies different internal processing to the sound accordingly. Wall mounting brackets are supplied. The subwoofer is rather unusual. It has a 165mm driver in the bottom, firing downwards, and its footprint is not much bigger than a square sufficient to encompass that. Yet it has a reasonable amount of internal volume by means of being over 500mm tall. It is bass reflex loaded. Unlike most soundbars, this unit comes with a mid-sized remote control, well populated with keys for selecting inputs and adjusting things. One word of warning. A section on the carton has the logos for a bunch of Internet media services: Spotify, TuneIn, Napster and the like, preceded by "works with". When I saw those I assumed that the unit was network enabled, capable of streaming some of that content. No it isn't. No, it doesn't "work with" them. If you have a smart device (Android, iOS, possibly Windows 8) with appropriate apps installed, then you can stream their audio to the unit via Bluetooth, but that's a very different thing. Otherwise the tiny AU$40 Bluetooth speaker I use to listen to podcasts when I'm shaving can be said to "work with" Spotify et al. In useNow do be aware that to get the most out of this system you're going to have to be prepared to move the surround speakers. And it's not just so that they can be charged up from time to time. Stereo music comes from them, in addition to the soundbar, when they are disconnected. That can be good if you're having a party or something. But there's no way of switching it back to the front bar only, so if you want to listen properly to stereo music you should plug them back in. I'd be inclined to just leave them plugged in the whole time, except when I want to sit down and watch a movie. Then I'd put them in place for surround. I spent quite a bit of time fiddling with the subwoofer. The problem I had was that the subwoofer, placed in the usual corner of my room, was too loud. With the bass control reduced to the minimum it was maybe six decibels too loud on stereo music, and ten on the LFE channel. On the centre position of the bass control, it was 12dB too loud on stereo. That's thunderous. I should note that it was also surprisingly clean and tight. I experimented with putting it in near the soundbar and with the control set to minimum that more closely balanced the bass, but then it lost some of the depths it had produced in the corner. That would be due to room acoustics. In the end I learned to live with the louder bass. Being clean it was fairly tolerable. I have to say outright that this is the most effective surround bar I've heard because by allowing physical surround speakers, there can be no doubt where the rear sound comes from. It did not, however, cast the left and right front channels wide; they were confined to the width of the bar itself. So transitions in the perceived location of sound down the sides of the room was only so-so, jumping a bit from front to back. But that's pretty picky given that no other sound bars come close. With stereo music delivered via Bluetooth, the unit sounded extremely natural and well balanced. Aside from the deeper bass being forward, there was no emphasis in any frequency band, and distortion was low. The unit sounded stressed when turned up quite loud. It produced reasonably room-filling volumes quite well, but I wouldn't recommend it to the headbanger. Only one Bluetooth device can be paired to the unit at a time. Philips says that the system will go down to 20 hertz within a +/-3dB band. Why they would say such a thing I don't know. A claim of 20 hertz for the bass is ridiculous. But the subwoofer still did very well, almost coming to within an octave of it. What with the peak between 50 and 80 hertz, the sub was perfectly balanced with the rest of the sound at 43 hertz in my room. But at 37 hertz, it was producing nothing useful. ConclusionThe Philips Fidelio is a rare soundbar able to produce excellent surround sound and also act as a control centre for your home-entertainment system.
  8. Hi guys, need some help now. Would like to do up a nice sound system for watching movies in the mbr. Does anyone have any idea which soundbar or system will be good for a surrond sound effect? Basically to feel like i am in a cinema? Thanks in advance!!
  9. Welcome ! Hope to see more pics of your new place!
  10. We hated it too! hmmm , i told him i wanted brick wall and he came up with the suggestion of using stucco. I have no idea how are you going to communicate that to your contractor except using photos
  11. haha that is so funny and true! sometimes i cant explain why i want something done this way or place something somewhere . It seems mad at that time but eventually it will turn out to be useful and logical.
  12. haha , my wife had the same reaction when she saw it for the first time in our house hmmm , i am not too sure as we did not compare the prices....and our id didnt mention craft brick. he charged us 1200 for the wall tho.....is it exp? hahaha. it is even better seeing it live! Thank you! so glad it fits in well. Hmm , the technical division said that they will come and extend the plug....just not sure when. Exactly! should have just listened to myself and insisted on more.
  13. Yesterday we had a most anticipated delivery. Our Pink auto-defrost SMEG 2 door fridge!!!! Here are the photos! Unfortunately , as you can see from the 1st photo. Our electric socket is quite high up and the Smeg fridge's plug is very short and it is to be found at the bottom of the fridge. Thus , we have to call up the technical division to extend the plug. Wonder how long it will take....in the meantime we will have to use an extension cord to fire up the Smeg
  14. This will be our vanity with a top mount sink. Our ID has kindly built this mirror with storage in it for us and with lighting on top and below it. Looks quite nice. Initially we wanted a double vanity so we can wash our faces and do whatever nonsense we need to together. But the space is too small.....so we had to settle for this. Which is made more sad as recently we saw a vanity sink in Ikea that fits perfectly and is really nice (to us) ....but this is all fixed already....i wonder if my ID will faint if i ask him to change? A closer look at the tiles we chose. Parquet for the bedroom floor , wood like tiles for the dry area of the toilet and stone like tiles for the wet area. Our ID commented that the tiles we chose are too rough and is more suitable for carpark Finally our throne of the house. Oh , we also installed a glass screen to keep the water in. And also a kdk fan in the window to ventilate the air after we poop. So this is most of the renovations that we have done. Till date....so far....haha.
  15. So today i shall post on the 2nd level. Up there will be the staircase. We added a wooden handrail and when we saw it we loved the color and the woodgrain so we told the carpenter not to stain it. The white louvre window is finally fitted into the hole we hacked for the room. It is now much more airy and bright. And the lights for the stairwell is finally fitted after the lighting guys had to bring it back to extend the chain. They forgot to measure for the height of 2 stories thus it was much too short after their first fitting. Here is a better photo of the lights. These are actually 3 individual outdoor lights but we like the design and so they were very kind to fit these 3 lights onto a base and extended the chain too. This is the previous MBR. We didnt do much to it except removing the old TV feature wall ,which comes with a WIW, the bed head , the accompanying bedside table , window ledge table , hacking a hole in the wall looking towards the staircase and giving it a Baskin Robbins kind of paint. Haha. Oh and adding a ceiling fan. With light. We combined the other 2 rooms into a new MBR. So 1 bedroom is for us to sleep in and the other is my wifes WIW , bookshelf , dressing table and entrance to the new MBR toilet. This view is the entrance to her WIW. The glass display that is lighted up is for her handbags. This chandelier gave us so much headache. The one we chose initially was too big. Our id forgot to measure the height of the room.....(he went down to choose the lights with us). He also forgot to measure the length of the wardrobe doors ,so the inital placement of the chandelier will block the wardrobe doors from opening.... After all that fiasco , we went down to choose the chandelier again and finally decided on this one. This is the view of the chandelier lighted up. Behind it you can see the full height mirror constructed by our ID. Though you can't see it in the photo (i was using a camera phone) , the frame of the mirror is actually a very nice leather kind of laminate. So impressed by the wide variety of laminates nowadays. And the open door leads to our new MBR toilet. These are wooden doors with a clear glass in the middle. We saw them at duxton hill and we thought it looks very nice and not very intrusive when opened up as the length is essentially halved.