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  1. Finally the blinds are up, and now the house looks more complete.
  2. indeed, the previous owner actually rebuilt the wall to reduced the size of the utility room to become a smaller store room. And now I further hack away the wall to create an open kitchen concept...
  3. Have you considered moving the shoe cabinet to the bottom right corner, with the seating bench next to it on the left just below your window? In this way you can free up the space and have an open kitchen with dining table rotates 90deg from your current plan...just a thought.
  4. OK, we are almost there..Kitchen cabinets up, storage cabinets up, painted the house, laminates done, down lights installed and some furnitures are in.
  5. Dining table and chairs bought seperately and delivered.
  6. Hi, Indeed the house was kept at a good condition by ex-owner. I engaged a contractor to do the cooridnation reno work for me and the cost come up to 40ish k (renovation cost is so expensive nowadays, still remember I paid around 20k reno for my previous house..)
  7. Now the main door is up and it looks so different.
  8. Utility room is converted to be part of kitchen and shoe cabinet.
  9. We were hunting for a fridge replacement as our current one is rather old and we've used it since we moved in to our current house 12 yrs ago. Starting from Samsung, then change mind to Sharp, and then LG. But finally put our hands on Hitachi, I guess its a popular model in this forum as well.
  10. Bought the dining lights from Ikea, like the connector, very retro looking.
  11. Finally the common toilet is up. This is a dry toilet mainly for guest and thus no shower point will be built in. Really like the clean cut look of it.
  12. We actually wanted to retain the living and dining floor without doing any reno work on it. But after exposed to different ideas and much considerations, we deceided to overlay the existing tiles with laminations.