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  1. Hi, Am looking for creative and reliable (flexible & accommodating) ID and flooring contractor for my new 3 room BTO flat, Any recommendations appreciated. TIA.
  2. Hi, Anyone has engaged North West ? Can share your experience ? TIA.
  3. Hi Mikeyong500, Unable to PM you, could you PM me your contractor name and contact no. ? Much appreciated !
  4. May I know where you get this shelf?
  5. Hi, Looks a bit ex. Just to share some info, when we went to Malaysia Jusco at Bukit Indah recently, there was a furniture shop. According to the salespeople, customized warrobe at RM270 psf. We seen the quality, seem to be good. Just need to pay Rm580 for custom tax, irregardless of how many pc furniture you order. Might want to consider.... since bukit indah is not very far from Singapore if you go by tuas. Cynthia
  6. hi, they quoted me 25k for 3 rm standard. think its high too. spoken to id from d'nest, anybody has any comments?
  7. Hi, Has anybody ordered custom-made wardrobe or furnitures from Malaysia-JB ? Would like to gather feedback. They offer cheaper price (than SG contractors) psf with 5mm plywood, but not sure about their quality, services and warranty fulfillment. Can share your experiences ? TIA.
  8. Hi, Was told by ID that current BTO flats are deigned to use Gas Water Heater storage, and not Instant heater. Is this true ? I have never used any water storage heater, and through my research there are some issues as below : 1. Hot water will only arrival to my shower head after 5 min. 2. Since gas is burned inside the storage heater, there will be some black fume coming out from it, and dirty the laundry hanging in the service yard. 3. Some noise and smell when gas is burning Are the abovmentioned true ? Can share your experience ? Has anyone installed instant heater in the bathrooms, how can I go about it and things to take care of ? Appreciate your sharing, and TIA.
  9. Contractor Contact: Lim 91344744

  10. Hi Hyberg3, Can PM me yr contractor contacts ? Thanks.