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  1. I would really highly recommend Eric of Summit Design. He is reallt top-notch. All these while, I'm busy with lots of works and do not have time to even settle my starhub activation or even go down to my place to take a look at how is my flat doing...Eric is kind enough to help me settle all these things, even helping me to watch over the delivery of the electrical goods and lightings etc. And the amazing thing is he managed to finish everything in less than 2 weeks. Though I'm not doing a lot of renovation, but it's quite substantial: 1 day to finish the balcony and painting 1 day to finish the false ceilings 1 - 2 days to finish the electricals works plus installation of lights 3 days for carpentry. Totally no frizz at all...i can say it's really amazing. He even update me through sms after each work is done. It's really totally free from worries. In fact, I would be more worried if it's not for him.... And is it expensive? Definitely not. The price he has given to me is about 30% cheaper than most other IDs. How I know? I have sourced over 20plus ID firms before I found him....and he is one of my best buddies now...really owe lots to him.... Can contact him at 97370616.....and let him know Andy recommended. I seldom come across such a sincere and hardworking and efficient guy like him.
  2. Hi to all...can kindy advise which brand to go for the above? Toshiba, Fujitsu, or Panasonic?
  3. I have been to 17 till date. Till now, its based on trust and clique with the IDs. EVen if give cheap cheap but cannot clique also useless. Feelings are rather important. Even if friends recommend you to an ID but in the end you kena big time from that ID, how to justify? For my case, its based on the following in terms of priority; 1. Feelings 2. Quotation 3. Company reputation
  4. Hi guys, Came across this New Creation ID. Any comments?
  5. But hows the quality? At least they delivered
  6. In the end, i chose to buy from Watts...located along balestier road. The owner of the shop is a nice guy and the designs there are quite nice. Price reasonable too.
  7. I must say this is qute ok liao. At least they deliver in the end and also willing to lend replacement sets. I guess most of us are afraid of the goods not being delivered at all. Though it's a pain in the butt, but hiccups in logistics are relatively common, especially with the high rising of rental space and property, these shops usually wld not want to keep thinigs for so long. Put it this way, if they said they do not have stock, or cannot keep for you in the warehouse, would you buy from them? Guess we as consumers should be fair to them as well, but of course empty promises or lies are not to condone with.....or when the goods are delivered but in bad conditions or started to fall apart within weeks...how come during our parents time there's no such issues?
  8. Bro, i also got my dining table from them.....isn't there supposed to have warranty on the structure? Though i think most of the time warranty is bull****....but how long have you use the dining table only? Sheesh man......now i'm really beginning to worry..... Can those who have bought furnitures from them and so far no problem one please say some words? I don't think all their items are worthless....actually most of their items can also be seen in some other shops etc.....unless they can imitate each other until so perfect, I believe all of these are from the same supplier....so how can it be other shops not having problems but this having so much problems? Unles they took the defective goods?
  9. Haha....true.....but in one sentence summarised everything up...."humans are never satisfied"....
  10. Next time put your phone to voice recording mode wen they say this.