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  1. Hi fanguojun, Can I have the contact for Citimap please? Regards.
  2. Hi, Firstly, my apologies if I posted this in the wrong forums. I'd like to know if anyone can recommend reputable movers as my place is almost done up already. Would be good if the movers can provide bubblewraps, sturdy boxes and at least shift my things properly. Please reply to this thread should you have any recommended movers. Thanks & cheers!
  3. Just as an update, my bedframe was delivered as promised, yesterday 21 June, however my dining table/chairs & coffee table are not in yet. According to their logistics department, they will only ship at a later date and thus only delivered to me on the 15 July...... Hope its delivered and if it is, its in one piece and in good condition.
  4. I too had bed bugs. No idea where they came from. Maybe because of the new bed frame that my dad purchased a while back when I was still living with my parents. What we did was to remove the bed, looked through at every nook and cranny, removed the bed bugs manually and squishing them. For the bed frame, it came with a overlaying velcro cover, this was removed and send for dry cleaning. The frame itself was thoroughly cleaned, sprayed with cans of Baygon and using a stand steam iron, cleaned. I think we killed about 100 plus bed bugs and now the bed is bed bug free. Scary bit about bed bugs is that they can go on living without a blood meal for 6 months or more and they can hide in every nook and cranny.
  5. My wife and I are looking for rugs and carpets for our new place. Any recommendations to where we can look and purchase them from? We're looking to have a carpet in our hall and probably one for our study and another for our reading room. The only place we've been to is at Ikea and we don't really like the material and designs that they have. Their rugs have a rubber bottom which I fear in time to come and with Singapore's humid weather will turn the base of the rubber bottom to a gooey paste, thus staining the parquet flooring. Any recommendations welcomed. Thanks.
  6. I just called the delivery or rather logistics line, they now pushed my delivery from 21 June till 15 July!!!!! If this is the case, I forsee them not even sending my items, can I proceed to go to CASE before they end up closing down and running away with my money? This is pretty sad, knowing that my wife & I pumped our hard earned money into their products and getting such crappy service. I'm not very happy to wait till 15 July as my renovation is almost complete. Without my dining table and chairs where am I supposed to have my dinners at? On the floor? 21 June till 15 July will be almost a full month and I purchased my items on April. Can anyone advise what I should do as I intend to just get my money back.
  7. I too purchased my furniture from them. It's scheduled to be delivered 21 June 2008... If they keep delaying the furniture who can we bring this up to? CASE? Likewise I have made a full payment.