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  1. Steady, $250 a piece. Ok I will check them out at robinsons. Any cheaper alternative below $100?
  2. Hi, I can't stand the seahorse memory pillow a bit too hard (doesn't actually feel like a memory pillow, anyway there is no clear definition and it may be just a name seahorse is calling) and weird making my neck very stiff every morning. I am thinking of getting a latex pillow, any bro/sis here can recommend me a good brand to check it out? Any good place for pillow shopping?
  3. Hi, not sure what material but sure it is removable. The seller told me it is not washable cos it will shrink. But not sure if anyone tried washing before, the cushion became thinner after sitting so I m thinking maybe it is ok even the cover shrink a bit so might still fit after wash. Material something like these: http://www.wihardja.com.sg/promotions/index.html
  4. Aiyo, sayang sayang come come over...
  5. 1. West Mall Oyster Mee Suar 2. BB West Ave 6 Blk 110 Roasted Duck and Bak Kut Teh
  6. Wow, this is serious. Just saw this news: http://newpaper.asia1.com.sg/news/story/0,...,137461,00.html Where is hong liang and goh ah bee huh?
  7. I want to shop for frontloading washing machine and BIG megastore has been close for "stock take". It has been 2 weeks since "stock take". Are they closing down or really stock take? If yes anyone know when will they be back in business? Heh, last any good recommendation for brand/model and place to buy for TL washing machine? 400-600 budget only. Thanks.
  8. Hi, any lobang to buy replica like mona lisa etc in Singapore?
  9. So far I leave it connected to the charger everyday. The cheapo has been doing a fine job. 1 qns on irobot; when the cheapo return to base, it basically move itself along the wall until it find the charger and will charger itself. So I took a while to find the charger, it irobot work the same way or it know where is the charger and move right into it?
  10. I bought a cheapo version from BIG at HabourFront @S$179. Include base, virtual wall, remote control, robovac and batt. It roughly vacumm about 45min and need to return to base for charging. Powerful enough to s-uck up a 50cts coin. Probably iRobot is better but with this price guess I can live with it (^_^). Brand: Straaten Robovac, supposely a Netherland brand.
  11. Hi, My resales flat socket is old, I want to replace them (just the white box): Example: power switch old to new 3 pin power old to new How much is the labour including the replacement box so I can roughly do my math? Any electrician to intro?
  12. Female bed bugs lay their eggs in secluded areas, depositing up to five a day and 500 during a lifetime. The eggs are tiny, whitish, and hard to see without magnification (individual eggs are about the size of a dust spec). When first laid, the eggs are sticky, causing them to adhere to substrates. Newly hatched nymphs are no bigger than a pinhead. As they grow, they molt (shed their skin) five times before reaching maturity. A blood meal is needed between each successive molt. Under favorable conditions (70 - 90° F), the bugs can complete development in as little as a month, producing three or more generations per year. Cool temperatures or limited access to a blood meal extends the development time. Bed bugs are very resilient. Nymphs can survive months without feeding and the adults for more than a year. Infestations therefore are unlikely to diminish by leaving premises unoccupied. It often seems that bed bugs arise from nowhere. The bugs are efficient hitchhikers and are usually transported in on luggage, clothing, beds, furniture, etc. Outbreaks can often be traced to travel, especially in countries or cities where bed bugs are common. This is a particular problem for hotels, motels, and apartments, where turnover of occupants is constant. Bed bugs are small, cryptic and agile, escaping detection after crawling into suitcases, boxes, and belongings. The eggs are almost impossible to see when laid on most surfaces. Use of secondhand beds, couches, and furniture is another way that the bugs are transported into previously non-infested dwellings. Once bed bugs are introduced, they often spread room to room throughout a building. Unlike cockroaches that feed on filth, the level of cleanliness has little to do with most bed bug infestations.
  13. Hi, Anyone know where is the largest showroom of Seahorse/Hecom in Singapore? I am interested in their mattress but usually the smaller showroom only have small sample so it is very hard to try out. Anyone using seahorse? Is the diamond mattress consider the highest end model?