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  1. Actually if I kneel down at polico or MP, no action will be taken. This is because he has been using spore laws loophole to protect himself or should I comment that spore laws protect the business more than the consumers He is at his best to use law to threatens his victims to stop posting on the forum or face his lawyer letters for civil claims. Thinking back I seriously regret voting in the government during the last GE. The sim lim square case and people park stories have not force the government to pass stricter laws to protect the consumers. Even till today all the victims can only suffer in silence.
  2. Be careful of what we chat or plan on whatsapp group because he has spy inside the group
  3. Does anyone think back and ask how they escape the law punishment after years of scamming. Seriously our government have not been doing enough to protect our consumers. Hope we as the victims of this scam work together and force CASE and our MP to pass some laws to stop this kind of scamming business.
  4. Usually if remotely admin will lock or delete that person account due the renovation company or ID request May I know is that famous ID J that you used Is your issue with J solved?
  5. Read the news article. Can't help laugh when the lady boss keep pushing the blame to her worker. Wonder how many workers kena blame over these few years Now await the police to investigate.
  6. This is spore government way of protecting the business. The consumers or the customers are always the losing ends Most furniture companies are not afraid of us going CASE as they have previous histories cases with CASE. In the end we consumers are the one who waste the time and effort and take leaves to fight the case with These companies who know how to use the government loopholes to continue bully the consumers. The companies will soften their actions when the consumer use the media power. Sharing your story with local evening paper or the English THE NEW PAPER reporters. Make sure you save all the sms messages and the invoices and emails for the CASE officers to review them
  7. Please act quick before the Renotalk admin remove your posting. Recently a whole thread on that shop got removed by the admin.
  8. Ya. Have contacted ladybird. Many small cockroaches found dead after their pest control officer visited my house n place the posion and spray here n there
  9. Redo the tiles means u r hacking the HDB tiles and getting the cement screening again
  10. i do known of friend house overlay the tiles at his toilets and lasted 3 years. Tiles start to Pop out or drop.
  11. Just Google and read the comment s. Some of the old birds also got conned by this company. Even till today the company still ignore the small claim court ruling to refund the victims.
  12. Hi dreamtwinklestar, Sorry to hear your situation. Actually nothing u can do now. The only route is to get your lawyer to issue letter and bring them to court to force them to follow the small claims courts ruling. This is spore and singapore government don't care about our consumers right n interest. The law r passed such a way that these companies can find loophole and still survive after so many years of conplaints.
  13. Long long ago this guy already go round scamming ppl hard earned money. And our CASE and government till today still allow him to scam ppl money easily. Why r there no clearcut laws to protect our consumer in spore. Go police , police say is civil case Go CASE. The gal say fill up form n wait for reply and when CASE call, either is partial refund or go small claims court. These scammers have been making used of spore lax laws to scam innocent ppl hard earned money. Maybe we should shout loudly for our government to pass laws to protect our consumer rights
  14. Ya. Only cockroaches. Have not seen them since the last round of spraying n killing by my own.