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  1. Have been trying to share more photos but prompted error. Will check with forum Admin and update later.....
  2. Just an update after getting another ID to rectify one of the flaw from previous ID. Hacked the full height mirror on one of the side wall in living room due to rust build-up one the backside of the mirrors. Found out the previous ID didn't mask the wall nails that attached the wood panels behind the mirrors, hence the rusty nail damage the backside of the mirrors and showed up on the frontside. Can't imagine if the rusted nails got broken someday and the whole mirrors fall off together with the wood panels while my family is having meal around the area.
  3. Pls let me know if anyone who has PM'ed me for my ID didn't receive my message. Wish everyone luck with your selection of ID
  4. Hi, There are a few contractor J* being mentioned in this forum, so pls be careful to get the correct one. Mine is J* too, but really CMI. Just to share my terrible experience..... http://www.renotalk.com/forum/topic/67026-5-rm-bto-costa-ris/?page=7#comment-924248
  5. Hi Sendo999 and all, Hi, I have just PM'ed my ID details to those who had requested. Let me know if anyone doesn't receive it. Just called the glass contractor who did the glass works for my home. Unfortunately, they refused to take my business of replacing the glass panels (with black color background glasses) because my ID had threatened them not to deal with his clients directly. Anyway, no big deal.....will look for other glass contractors. Didn't expect an adult businessman/designer can be so petty minded
  6. In less than a year, a few "rusting" spots showed up on all the wall's full-height mirrors. Didn't expect those spots spread so fast in the past 3 months. Have to look for contractor soon to hack down all the mirrors.....
  7. Spend some time in this forum and you should be able to figure out which Mr.J ..... Just finished touching up another problem due to poor workmanship. The quartz table top's hole for water treatment faucet that my ID cut was off-centered to the stainless steel undermount kitchen sink's hole. Spent few hours and $$ for the grinding stones to enlarge the table top's hole......
  8. wyx03

    New home @ Costa Ris

  9. Just to share some photos on how HDB rectify a cracked ceiling outside of service balcony that causing water to leak into the service balcony when raining. They drilled a hole, pump in a mixed chemical, then let it dry for an hour. Quite interesting....
  10. I stay in top floor unit at level 13th. The water pressure is as high as my previous 11th floor unit. There was once the water pressure was low, and hdb conractor later found out that it was due a a faulty water pump unit in the roof top. I also had the same water pressure concern initially so I installed an instant water heater with pump in common bathroom, which increases the water pressure by ~20%. If you intend to use overhead rain shower, then the hdb water pressure will not be strong enough.
  11. He is not the famous ID J. He was highly recommended by someone who used to be very active in this forum. But I guess she might not be technical enough to spot any defects
  12. RT admin changed my username last week. Don't know why.....maybe the system locked my account when I was trying to login in China and S.Korea last 2 weeks.
  13. Sorry for my late response. Was out of town for 2 weeks and then found out last few days that my login account was changed by Renotalk admin. Have shared my ID to those who had requested. Let me know if I missed out anyone. Best of luck....