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  1. Hi all, Does anyone know of any cheaper alternative to the shelving units sold at Howard's Storage World? It's the series where you can buy the individual parts and customise a unit like this. It's a really neat solution but the price point is way too high at HSW. I saw something similar in IKEA but the quailty was terrible. Appreciate any thoughts! Cheers.
  2. Thanks, Jason008! I think mine's the "Above 37 metres Indirect supply through low level water storage tank with pumping to high level water storage tank" given that my block is 26 floors high.
  3. Thanks, Jason008. How do I tell what's the AMSL of the building then?
  4. Full false ceiling meaning from wall to wall they put in a false ceiling. Took away about 2 feet of space from the height of my toilets. Took photos when I went my place earlier today. I measured and the height is about 2.1M from floor to false ceiling. My project is the Fernvale Lea project. The BSC staff were telling me that this is the standard nowadays - can anyone confirm this, please? Also, I was just wondering if it is in conflict with HDB's own guidelines?
  5. Hi everyone! Just wanted to check if the top floors in new BTOs have the same issue as older HDBs where the top floor generally has low water pressure. I just collected my house keys not long ago and am deciding whether to install an instant heater or a tank heater. TIA!
  6. Hi everyone, I just collected my house keys for my BTO and my unit is on the top floor. When I inspected the house, I noticed that both my MBR and Common Toilets have full false ceilings installed. I am just wondering if this is how it's done for everyone nowadays? And it's weird because I thought toilets not allowed to have false ceiling or at least not as low as my house one (definitely below 2.1M...). TIA!
  7. Hi, would you mind PMing the quotation you received? Don't need exact figure, just rounded to nearest hundred if you're not comfortable sharing exact quote. Thank you!
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