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  1. I think I know where did u buy your dining table... Furniture mall right? We were aiming also for that dining table.. but it's more than our budget How much did u get it for If i may know...
  2. Thanks Guys! Actually would love to use ABS trimming. They are using ABS trimming only for the doors of the drawers. Because ABS trimming only comes on a small width i guess.... They installed the console, so I can see the black lines, it's a bit hard to change to veneer edges / anything more expensive, I guess, i have to find my own way... either paint it over or do something else...
  3. Does anyone know how to remove the blackline in between the laminate edges? My laminate is maple colour, and all the edges in between the laminate edge have a black line.... Please advise... Thanks!
  4. I use Dimension Movers Call Nicks Kway @ 9389 8168 / 6242 4344 I paid $90 for 25 boxes... + 1 TV. Cheers
  5. Anyone bought - Oasis Matress. I asked the sales guy, he said it's imported from UK. using a latex from UK. I tried it, it's nice, it's cheap, it's not bad... so I bought it for $400 - Queen size. Model is Tropica - Oasis
  6. dronell


    I used Dimension Movers. Paid $90 for 25 boxes + 1tv Good one... call nick at 9389 8168 or can call to his office 65-6242 4344
  7. Call Nicks @ Dimension Movers His number is 9389 8168 He helped me during weekend, I have 25 boxes + 1 TV. paid $90, but he brought a container lorry.. haha...
  8. Really... that bad... My ID also home success. During the quotation, before starting, etc... we were quite happy. Currently they are in the second week of renovation. Their painter failed to came on monday, so only today start the painting.... I hope everything is ok.... I think it's not depends on the ID, it's depend on your designer and the project manager that is doing your home. If you got a not so good one, then that's it... just pray and do your own best!
  9. Do you guys know where can I buy a curtain rail? I got the curtain from overseas, just need a rail And If my living room is 3.7M, how can I put a 3.7M rail into my house? i'm on the 5th floor Thanks!!
  10. Hong liang at Alexandra also sell at that price... with the same gift...
  11. I went to Massimo. It's a bit ulu... If you stay around east, go to the one near UBI. Sofa is good, firmness of the sofa can be selected. Price range is from $2500 - $3500 for L sofa. Price is determine with sofa type and material. They have 3 different kind of material: 1. Local (Good enough) 2. Italian fabric (Better, different feeling) 3. Leather (forget from where, maybe italy as well) Actually I do like the design for Massimo sofa, it's very cozy... their L-Shape sofa is very designer sofa, it's very different with other sofa else where... Hope you find a right one
  12. any experience for them... could you guys please share your stories... Thanks
  13. Hi Guys, I called up Goodrich to ask about their wallpaper. Apparently it's not so so cheap, I think if you are ID / Contractor, you should be able to get at a chaper price thou. This is what they quote me, for a premium wallpaper (*i think a good one, with many design etc) will cost me around $120 (*average price) / roll. 1 roll = 33cm * 10M. Then they also have another wallpaper that will cost 30/M2, so 1 room (e.g. 4*2.5 = 9, 9 * 30 = $270). Also I asked them, is the installation free? they said it's not, I need to pay around $200-300 for the installation... After i think and think about it, I think it's not really worth to buy directly from Goodrich? what do you think guys? Any comments? Thanks!
  14. I am just wondering about your lights. How come you can have 2 lights? warm lights and cool white light? You are using PLC lights right? is that for cool white lights? or it's combined. I am having a problem thinking the combination, some of the ID said that I have to add more lighting points to add warm light and cool white lights. Can you advise.. thanks!!