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  1. Hi All, I intend to do a major toilet renovation - flooring, changing of the toilet bowl & shower, basin around with shelving for storage. Any idea who can do all these? ID firm normally is the whole package but since I'm doing the toilet any toilet specialist whom I can approach for quotation?
  2. yes. HDB will deduct everything from CPF if you are taking HDB loan. So certain amount will be taken for these expenses, the rest to payoff your loan.
  3. Now, then, therefore, it has always been 6-8 weeks. But you can make arrangement for 2nd appointment with agreement from both parties on a certain date
  4. IMO, can get back 4k. Get from seller. The rest gone.
  5. If you want to apply under the single scheme, you will have to be 35 years and above. Your parents will be occupier instead of owner, so no influence on your grant. Loan amt will be based on your income. Just to add, if you want parents as owner, then it will be a family nuclus scheme, dun think can get the single grant then.
  6. since it is the agent who match the tenant and the landlord, any further contract will have to pay him commission. furthermore, the agent did try to extent the contract.
  7. I believe the appraiser will write the report based on the floor area instead of the 4rm or 3rm and will also take similar property (if 4rm will take the 4rm in that area) for the market value. Most important is still the location of the unit and the condition of the unit.
  8. Not only in HDB, problem also occur in condo. I remember reading article on the Sunday Times. Even at landed ppty also got problem, the ever famous Everitt Road dispute.
  9. It is hard to monitor for any damages in the house. If damaged, they may not pay for it as in my case (somemore I softheart, want to share cost 50-50 and yet she thinks it is unfair for her to pay for the damages in the house = not her house ma). Anyway damage is minial ( a few hundred can repair so let it by). Most important to settle the 2k owed rental from him. You may want to collect rental in advance till Oct. total 9 month rental and also the key, when he has already found a place, then must take back the key from him on the date when he moved. If he is moving bit by bit, it is reasonable to ask him for a deposit of $200 for the key. If he not auto, doesn't return the key then changed your lock.
  10. It depends if during the selling if you have requested for it or not. Some of the item has sentimental value to the seller and it is understandable for them to move them when they left the house. Best is to confirm and not assume especially if it is a very beautiful decoration.
  11. I have similar problem. No deposit, thus defaulted on payment before moving out. She comes to look for job in S'pore (so consider FT). Somemore wanted to be PR and kena approved. This type of person also can be SPR. My case is like this, our tenant was her ex.bf. Tenant moved to another country, so let his ex.gf continue to stay in the flat. GF bad habits shown. Never switch off lights (like when going for dinner, left lights on. Will go for hours, etc). Used kitchen to cook but didn't clean up (wipe stove, etc). Didn't clean up room or other places of the house. Used to have things missing in the house (like detergent getting lesser and lesser, missing drink, etc). Used my things and broke them. Brought friends over when we are at work (didn't let us know until caught them when I was absence from work). So when I finally told her to move out, I am now living in peace. Somemore I'm only charging her below market rate and have to tolerate this kind of nonsense. So the sooner you tell him to move out, the better u will feel instead of feeling frustrated everyday about him. Life is more than that. Just tell him that "you needed the room by xxx (end Nov)." Remember you don't owe him an explanation what u needed the room for, you aren't accountable to him, instead he is accountable to you. And meanwhile try to get back your 7*mth payment from him.
  12. Am I right to say that if it is included in the OTP, then it has to be legal (by HDB - those certain requirement like MOP 5 years, etc and also must declare to income tax since this is income from rental).