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  1. 107 ah? Hehe cos from the chong pang view from above your flat looks very much from 108.
  2. Hi bro! You staying at Blk 108 rite? Hehehe i'm staying in the same blk with you. We are neighbours.... i on the 4th floor sharing the very same lift you use everyday. Lol Regarding the reno for our 3rm flat.. its all roughly around 35-40k. I did mine at 40K flat as i bought my flat at 87k, thats why can fork out abit more for the reno. You may check out my signature. Maybe you can catch some ideas from my reno blog or you can also pay me a visit and take a look around if you want.
  3. S$50 for string curtains??? Oh my god thats dirt cheap man. You know... i went to those curtain shops and ask for string curtains ah... they quote me 200+ lei. Goodness.. cut throat ah. I'm actually looking for black colour.. you got lobang? Anyway thanks for your nice compliments.
  4. Its been a long time since i updated my thread. For the string curtains, i have yet to install as i'm quite busy with work and furthermore i'm still sourcing for a good supplier as string curtains doesn't come cheap. !!
  5. Welcome aboard bebebe, hope everything goes well and smoothly for your renovation. Do remember to post pictures for the brothers and sisters here to see k? Cheers!
  6. Hahahahaha can wrap towel one mahhh.... dohhh. Lol... i not sexy enough to walk naked around the house lah. Keke
  7. Hmm okay lah.. i bought my 83sqm 3 room for 83k from HDB leh. 40k more for that extra 6sqm. Hmm.....
  8. Wah sounds interesting leh. Never heard of it before. !! How nice if i can upgrade my flat to a 3 1/2 room too. Hehe then i can convert that room into a walk in wardrobe.
  9. Got 3 1/2 room flat one meh? What is DBSS?
  10. My friend Alvin is from Linewerks. This is his company website. He charged me 40K for my overall renovation. http://www.linewerkz.com/ You may contact him at the following information. Tell him that you are Melvin's friend. 42A Kandahar Street Singapore 198896 Telephone 65 6398 0838 Fascimile 65 6398 0828 Email enquiries@linewerkz.com Living room carpet is from Spotlight, studyroom carpet is from Ikea. Haha there are two doors opposite my tv console in my living room just beside my sofa.
  11. Hehe you will be very very eager to see the finished product.
  12. The kerb is to prevent water from getting into your house in events of rain. Its a must have otherwise whenever it rains... you have to mop and mop and mop. Same goes for the kerb between your bathroom and your bedroom. Its also to prevent water from sipping into your room.
  13. Welcome to Renotalk !! Can't wait to see pictures of your reno progress! !!
  14. Haha really have to have good space planning ah... 3rm flat already so small. Cannot afford to waste the space loh
  15. As requested, i've scanned the article for you guys to read. Enjoy!