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  1. im in love with your home!~!~!~! so nice!!! how much did u spend in all? was it a lot in renov? e just reno our home and i wanted country style but my other half did not like this style prefers modern instead. and also cost was our main concern. we asked around a few ID and they said it would be expensive, becos the tiles need to be more specialised. perhaps those who asked was not specialist in this area... most ids are good at modern designs.. could you post more pics?? some of them are removed... i noticed thankss... i look forward to it!!!!
  2. Taken in the night, with white lights
  3. Taken in the day with warm lights
  4. errmm.. how to apply to have gas at my stove? is it PUB?
  5. I told to get rice, oil, salt, sugar, vinegar, tea leaves, then make tea to drink?
  6. What is called a Proper Move in ? I got a date, next Monday Nov 5 for move in, timing 11-1pm or 3-5pm. I told to bring things like salt, oil, sugar, vinegar, tea leaves etc, then boil water and make a cup of tea to drink will do. So is it cannot be in the house before 3pm (if i take the 3-5pm slot)?
  7. hmm.. can share with me whats the usual procedure? or what has your master advise u to do for a move in date? if i only intend to stay overnight during weekends, is it considered as move in? (cos i dont intend to stay there during wkdays yet)
  8. I also stayed overnight at my new place, and oh gosh, I was awakened by the traffic noise abt about 2-3am. Like taxis picking up speed, or speeding away. So dislike! My current place is absolutely 100% quiet at night, unless some cranky neighbour sing karaoke or watch tv very loud. Conincidentally, all my existing neighbours (in my old neighbourhood) sleep so early.. think 10pm lights off already. About Karung Guni man.. I was at home when my hubby hear someone outside our corridor. And he saw thru the eye hole and told me that someone is hanging around our rubbish area. That time, the contractors cleared rubbish from my home and dumped them outside my house for a couple of days. Rubbish dump consist of wooden planks, cartons, boxes etc.. I opened the door, and asked him what he is doing. I almost tot he was someone my contractor sent to clear rubbish. He said he saw my cardboard very useful so he's going to take it to use for his fishtank. For a moment, I tot he was some neighbour in my blk, so I asked him which floor he stay. Then he tell me he is a karong guni man as he folded what he wanted to take away. But not before he tells me to chase the ID to remove the rubbish otherwise the town council will fine me!) Which I asap did, and told my ID that I will pass him the fine if town council fine me. Then ID action very fast to clear rubbish. Otherwise my rubbish been outside my home for 3 weeks....
  9. mint

    Evov Living

    Update: My sofa will still be delivered this Sat, cos they managed to indent the fabric by this Thursday and will take one day to manufacture the sofa. I dint know sofa can be done in just one day.. They said the frame, and structure is already done up for us; only left the fabric to be wrapped. I asked if they are sure the quality will not be compromised since they only have a day to do up my sofa. They said no problem... Anyway, I'm glad Evov handled my case well, and I just hope my sofa will come nice and well.
  10. So .. whats the update on your works so faR? Good? My works took around 2.5 months to complete...
  11. I think my carpenter also quite good, friendly and good attitude. If anyone keen, PM me.
  12. What is slotted angles type? Can Pm me your supplier contact?
  13. I checked mine. Mine got this transparent looking silicon applied to sides of the frame. My glass is also not fully into the frame - only 20% into the frame. I guess should be ok.
  14. mint

    Evov Living

    Thanks everyone.. I see how it goes.. discuss with my husband first.