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  1. Anyone didn't replace all the aircon units to avoid the renovation and only replace the compressor ? Can share your experience ? Thanks !
  2. Deducing that the husband has a 3rd party based on one SMS is a bit rash. However, I believe your friend could have seen other tell-tale signs that result in her wanting a separation. She may not have told you everything. Depending on the individual's tolerance and situation, it's very difficult to give advice. I've seen women giving their husbands second chance after finding out they have affair. Some women just call it quits. So what you can do is to maybe advise your friend and her husband to go for marriage counselling to give their marriage another shot. Let them discover for themselves the differences between their expectations, communications etc. Let them work the problem out themselves.
  3. http://www.spotlight.com.sg/ Cheers,
  4. Hi Eggie, we bought an outdoor blind from spotlight in June and engaged their installation services too. the installation is $25. Spotlight also sells curtain tracks, so most likely u can engage their installation services. Would be cheaper for u if it's a standard installation price: $25*4 = $100...hee hee Not sure whether this helps...
  5. hmmm....haven't tried it even though there's one below my office (suntec). My colleagues keep saying how nice it is... but I always find it to be really really smelly whenever I walk past it...!! The smell puts me off!
  6. Hi tweetie, sorry I cannot find the link already. They could have removed it !!
  7. Hi tweetie! under 2 names: my dad and mum. considered as 1 flat so cannot split again My parents wanted to sell one because all of us are married, and they din want to maintain such a big flat. We enquired at hdb, answer is no. I think there is also info on hdb.gov, but I cannot find it now. Wait, I go for lunch first, will post the link later! Cheers,
  8. Hi hi, confirm cannot. That's HDB's answer when we wanted to sell one of my parent's 3+3 unit.
  9. Hi snowiee, if 1 king size bedsheet is too small for 2 combined super single, then how can 1 king size bedframe fit the 2 super single mattresses ?? Are u going to custom-make the bedframe ?
  10. Anyone bought Canon A550 ? What's the price and is it good ??
  11. Wah I am trying to imagine how you all play mahjong ! but then those luggage types with screwed on legs are not lasting. Those basic foldable type are better!
  12. Wah....that's ultimate ! That's right. Morale already very low in our department. Our boss resigned, now new boss come in, different working style, more hands off...so more work on our part. Sometimes, we even have to guide the new boss ! Somemore, the boss's boss doesn't really care about our department. Treat us like redundant, cos he has another portfolio which is more glamorous! Now our dept is very small, only 3 of us (excluding boss). The other two already openly said that they are looking for jobs. Left me, not looking yet because I like the nature of the job, which is the only motivation. So I thought it would be better if we encourage each other, rather than instigation...sigh...guess different people have different thoughts. I guess I need to be stronger psychologically !
  13. I saw one at barang barang, with an additional table top, at $600+
  14. I have a colleague who is a constant complainant about the workload that she has. She keeps complaining about how short the time she is given, and how much work our boss gave her. Then because of the unreasonable workload, she needs to bring work home. And this morning, she just told me that she worked until 12am. And because of the unreasonable workload, she wants to change job. I used to be sympathetic towards her, until I found that she has been msn-ing most of the time during office hours. I often can hear her typing furiously at her keyboard and sometimes giggles can come from her cubicle. (She is seated just opposite me) Not that I'm particular about internet surfing / msning during working hours, because I am also guilty of that. hee hee but I do it when I finish most of my stuff. I think it's a bit overboard if you msn the 80% of the working hours, then left 20% to do work. Lagi best, complain everyday...getting on my nerves liao What do u think ?