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Found 14 results

  1. How To Clean and Maintain Your Floors? That is a very good question! Well, I guess it depends on what type of flooring you have. Before I transform into an expert and give you some tips and advises, let me introduce a little bit of myself (: I am from Bona and Bona is a Sweden company that provides the products that deal with anything related to wooden floors except the wood itself. Sounds complicated? Let me explain. The wooden floor in your house looks so pretty but how was it installed? Well, the installation process is a bit long ( okay la! actually not very long but I lazy to type and explain ;p ) so I have this little chart and hope you can understand. Understandable? If not , just PM me and I will explain to you in detail. Sooo, what Bona does is we provide the materials for your contractors to install the floors, which means we provide the adhesives, the sanding machines and the coatings so that your contractor can install the beautiful floors in your house. I guess not many people know what products their contractors are using when installing the floor. It is very very very important that your contractors use quality products ( like *ahem* Bona ) as using inferior product will damage your floor in a long run which damage your pocket as well ( because you spend so much money on a lousy floor that cannot last and you need to pay even more to renovate now ). What happen after you get the beautiful house? That is when you do your part! You will have to maintain it. Maintenance is split into 3 different stages. Please see below (some tips provided!) See next post on how Bona can help you maintain your wooden floors!
  2. Hi everyone, We are a team of young enthusiastic people with a spunk for cleaning. Our services: ❤️ General Cleaning - FLAT RATE $60 nett Flat rate applicable to 2/3/4/5 Room HDB, single storey condos. Includes: Wash toilets, vacuum and mop floor, wipe general surfaces like tables, kitchen stove and hood, any additional requests? Let us know! Duration: Takes approximately 2 hours with 2 cleaning crew Add-ons (cheaper than ala-carte rate!): Tile Stain and Grout removal Steam mattress Steam sofa Post renovation cleaning Spring cleaning Move in cleaning Ala-carte Steam mattress Steam sofa Tile Stain and Grout removal Don't be shy! Contact us today @ 8333 0100! ? Check out our portfolio: https://www.facebook.com/apex.hygienicsg/ https://www.instagram.com/apex.hygienicsg/
  3. Hi, anyone hired a post-reno cleaning service? Any to recommend/ My reno is almost complete and wish to hire a company to help with general cleaning. Thanks!!
  4. Hello all, Here are 5 tips you can use to help save on your laundry. Use cold water (Save electricity since no heating up of water) Sort loads by fabric weight (this applies for washing and drying laundry. (For washing) Heavy material clothes can tear light ones. (Drying:) Your thinner fabric clothes are probably already dry after a few minutes in the dryer but your thicker ones won't be. Don't let the easier-to-dry ones take up unnecessary space --> take even longer for thick ones to dry) Full but not overloaded load (save water!) Dry naturally instead of using a dryer (save electricity) Use vinegar as fabric softener (save on buying fabric softener) You can check out this article for the longer explanation behind these tips: https://www.butlerinsuits.com/6-ways-to-save-on-laundry/ Comment below to share your laundry tips too!
  5. From the album: The Dirtiest Places in Your Home

    This infographic points out some of the places in your home with the most germ-infested surfaces. Regular home cleaning can prevent accumulation of dirt and being aware of those spots helps you save your energy and focus your time and efforts on the right objectives. To see the original post, visit 8 of The Dirtiest Places in Your Home
  6. Ok Sea Horizon just gotten its TOP that's means to say I will be getting my keys in a couple of days. I have met up with 2 designers (a lot of hassle) cause you need to repeat yourself again and again about what you want. I really 佩服 (salute) those who meet up with so many designers, I really cannot do that. After 2, I already want to give up especially when you come across renowed Interior Design Firm that recruit fresh intern/green designers. My experience was quite unpleasant. 1) I don't like being serve by someone inexperience (though they are designers but they are of different level) 2) I think I have better designs than what they commonly proposed (I can faint when they show me a design of a bags showcase something you can buy ready made and its definitely more beautiful than the one they proposed) 3) You guys go try out and you will know 要吐血 (vomit blood). 1st ID go MIA, maybe I think he was not able to deliver what I wanted as he kept proposing their common package. What I wanted wasn't in their package so whenever I text him he always told me he was busy and will get back to me and eventually go MIA..... I don't want to mention which company but I do think there are many out there (just observe when you go exhibition, there's a huge group of green ID sitting near their booth just like they were waiting to be slaughter). 4) 2nd ID was really expensive even on the estimation of what I want from paper. I eventually decide on my contractor instead (recommended by my friend's sister who did her 'The Manhatten' project in Simei) Let me try posting my floor plan, don't really know how to do it.....
  7. With so much activity in the kitchen, it's not surprising that the kitchen attracts grime like magnet attracts steel. Cleaning it is unavoidable, so the least we could do is to make the kitchen easy to clean. We have a few ideas to get you started: http://www.renotalk.com/blog/5-steps-to-an-easy-clean-kitchen-849# To summarise, 1. Have a smooth backsplash - a glass or stainless steel one is ideal. 2. Choose spill-proof flooring - forget tiles, which are susceptible to stuck dirt in the grouting. Instead, go for engineered-wood or laminate flooring. 3. Get a water-resistant countertop - a quartz or stainless steel top works well to repel stains. 4. Avoid top mount sink - instead, get an integrated sink or an undermount sink to eradicate any chance of your food getting stuck in the corner again! 5. Use an induction stove - glass is the easiest to wipe! What are other tips that you all have to ensure that your kitchen is easy to clean?
  8. Hi, anyone hired a post-reno cleaning service? Any to recommend/ My reno is almost complete and wish to hire a company to help with general cleaning. Thanks!!
  9. Selling a used iRobot mopping robot Used for a year Battery just replaced $300
  10. Hi, I need some advice. I have been quoted Sgd380 for acid/ chemical wash of 3 bathrooms in my 2-room condo. This was before we found out that the master bathroom is primarily made of marble (so the floor and walls are marble). Because of that, acid & chemical wash cannot be done. When I asked for the price to be reduced, my ID said that it will be reduced by Sgd80 and the master bathroom will be unwashed. Does the price makes sense because the master bathroom is actually the largest bathroom but Im giving him the benefit of the doubt that there's actually a "fixed" cost to the cleaning so the price cannot be reduced exponentially. Also, would anyone have an idea of how much to supply and lay a data point and SV point? I heard this is charged separately. Appreciate your advice here. Thanks.
  11. From the album: Bona images

    © ©Bona AB, Sweden All rights reserved

  12. From the album: Bona images

    © ©Bona AB, Sweden All rights reserved

  13. Leifheit profi mop System (55076) Used a couple of times and left in storage. Perfect working set. Meticulously cleaned and ready to pick up. Easy and efficient housekeeping matters. Tang's UP $519, Sale $288 Asking $120 only. Pick up only... WestCoast Road/Clementi Road http://s1286.photobucket.com/user/petesim/media/photo1_zps46977614.jpg.html http://s1286.photobucket.com/user/petesim/media/photo2_zps67894181.jpg.html http://s1286.photobucket.com/user/petesim/media/photo3_zps4110542f.jpg.html
  14. Delphin DP S8 Air and Room cleaning system for sale. Details: New model DP S8 -Stay Allergy Free Got it as a present. Looking to sell at $3300. SMS/call 97322866.