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  1. My feedback on them is that they are underwhelming. Not sure if it was the ID we used but there was also one factor that made us think that the company also has flaws. Cons: -very reactive. They did a poor job on marble polishing and it was so obvious! It was only when we complained that they agreed to redo -not bothered to oversee their contractors. I came to pay a suprise visit and saw that the workers didn't use any floor cover protection on the marble and parquet floor. There were ladders and heavy material everywhere that could scratch the surface. Again, only when I pointed this out did they start using the corrugated protection material. They also pulled out the wrong lighting to be replaced and it was myself who had to point this out to the ID. So, I don't really know what was the use of an ID. - needs a lot of chasing and follow-up. If it weren't for our persistent inquiries on the milestones, I'm pretty sure that the project would have stretched out longer. - money hungry. There was an agreement that the last payment would not been paid until they corrected all their mistakes. However, the ID called to say we needed to make the rest of the payment because it was CNY and the co wanted to collect their receivables before then.... WTH does it have to do with me???? It made me think that the company was so money minded that they pressured their IDS to press their customers to make payment even before the full scope of the job was completed. - their electrician sucks or maybe it was done on purpose to save them money. Not sure which was it. Besides pulling out the wrong lights, they pulled the wiring and were supposed to put a data point but instead replaced this with electrical point. We didn't realize this until later and because we didn't want to EVER deal with this company again, we paid another electrician to redo it. - another money saving tactic. They told us that before they completed the work, they would get the painters to come in again for a retouch and repaint those flaws left behind by the electrician and carpenter. They didn't. Instead we had to complain about these flaws first and witness the ID and some workers (i think they were frm either the carpentry or electrician. Def not a professional painter) do the retouching. Hello... if I wanted some unprofessional to do it, I wouldnt have hired an ID company. Pros:- - workmanship seems good but will need a few years before I can give a fair comment. - ID was very responsive... to SMS and calls. Which is good and I will give credit for his quick response to our complaints and feedback. Other than that, he was meh. We did our own shopping for the furnitures and lightings without his involvement. We also gave him our concept. - the professional painter was great. Not the unprofessional ones who did the retouching. - there was no hidden costs and maybe that was because we were very thorough to make sure we understood their charges. Except for their cheap way to save on the corrugated paper, they delivered on the items within the quotation but not without all those flaws mentioned above. Summary: - the company gave the impression that it's just looking for money. Even though I could have called the company to fix the data point as I was still under warranty, I just didn't bother as there was absolutely no trust that they would care. - I'm not sure whether it's the company or ID but it's all inter related in the end. We did not hate the ID because at the end of the day, he gave us the impression that he was under the limitations of the company. Because weren't all these contractors hired by the company? - because of what happened, we will most certainly not be dealing with this company again. Midway through the reno, we realized the mistake we made so we started cancelling some of the small works that they were supposed to do. Instead we hired a different contractor for those works. We contemplated on renovating our kitchen in the beginning and it was a good thing we didn't have them do it. We will most certainly not select this co again when we do reno. -Perhaps our reno was too small for them to care but because of this, they have lost an existing customer and referrals.
  2. I would recommend Lite Fusion and see Marcus. Reliable. Our contractor did not fix the fan correctly and he promptly asked someone to go over our place to take a look and fix it for us. He even called to follow-up to make sure that someone did call us. In another instance, we noticed a crack on one of the hanging lights we bought. He was very quick to get someone to replace it for us. I don't think their price was cheap but for reliable after-service, I think it's reasonable to pay for stress-free post purchase.
  3. Yes, he is def charging me much higher for my electrical. He's charging 120 for data point and about 100 for SCV. This is an ID designer
  4. Hi, I need some advice. I have been quoted Sgd380 for acid/ chemical wash of 3 bathrooms in my 2-room condo. This was before we found out that the master bathroom is primarily made of marble (so the floor and walls are marble). Because of that, acid & chemical wash cannot be done. When I asked for the price to be reduced, my ID said that it will be reduced by Sgd80 and the master bathroom will be unwashed. Does the price makes sense because the master bathroom is actually the largest bathroom but Im giving him the benefit of the doubt that there's actually a "fixed" cost to the cleaning so the price cannot be reduced exponentially. Also, would anyone have an idea of how much to supply and lay a data point and SV point? I heard this is charged separately. Appreciate your advice here. Thanks.
  5. I just engaged this ID. Let's see how it goes. Will keep you updated on progress.
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