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  1. Hi can share with me ur contact for window n granite top. appreciate it alot, thanks
  2. Sorry for the lateness, hope its not too late. I was first introduced to the brand HOBZ by my good friend whom uses the HC 682 (Stainless Steel) My previous hob's flame is pretty small and the design wasn't made for easy cleaning. So whenever I'm at my friend's house I will actually admire her hob as she gets to do her cooking and cleaning fast & fuss free. The HC 682 hob which my friend uses, the flame is really really big, good for chinese cooking to get the oil heated up fast and food smelling good easy to achieve the "wok hei" taste in her cooking. However, my ID was quite resistance against the idea of a steel hob as aesthetically it's not so nice as compared to the glass hob. Also, from HOBZ website, I saw the specification for the HG 1782 it states that the left big burner is of inner flame and it is the only model with inner flame. Impressed with Rinnai's inner flame burner yet not willing to fork out so much money for it. I decided to purchase HG 1782 hoping that it will turn out good. The first time i turned on the stove I was sorely disappointed that the flame wasn't big at all and the inner flame wasn't like Rinnai's. It wasn't really small like some that I've seen at other peoples home but it wasn't as big as I expected it to be. Thinking this will be it, I just let it be.. However, after cooking for a couple of times I've realized that the flame starts to get bigger and even though it's flame is not as big as my friends HOBZ HC 682, the HG 1782 flame is reasonably big enough to heat a wok full of oil and keep the temperature constant to ensure my food doesn't turn soggy when i deep fry! If given a choice, I will choose the HG 1782 again as it matches well with my kitchen design and yet is good for my cooking use. For the price I've paid, this is definitely a good buy!
  3. I met up with my ID 3-4 times before signing with him and placing a deposit as I started sourcing for IDs in Jan when i can only start my reno after July and I didn't wanted to commit to him before i can have a confirmed quote as I was worried that I might have overlooked certain items and after signing the quote, the newly added items will be priced unreasonably. Hence the delay in signing with him. Even though through the course of the reno there is abit of hiccups here and there. kinda still glad going with him as he doesn't push the blame and not those rude unreasonable type of IDs some renotalk peeps complain about. =D
  4. hi can share the link for the stainless steel floor trap? thanks
  5. After 1 week! We finally moved in to our "new" home. As our short term accomodation is up, we have no choice but to move back in first while there are still some touch ups to be done. Despite the minor screw up, everything else turns out ok. In terms of working schedule, it is abit slow. But just glad that things manage to proceed on without much problems. Will update more on the reno process again when I have time. Now is back to mopping and mopping, wiping and wiping. Even after the general cleaning and chemical washing, the floor still feels dusty and sticky. I personally sweep, vacuum and mop twice already but is still feeling abit dusty and sticky. For the kitchen, i scrub and wash again and no longer feel the dusty/sandy feel.. its the hall and rooms. Anyone can advise?
  6. Have been some time since i last updated. As the progress is a little slow. I'm kinda disappointed with my ID as right from the start we've told him that we have a tight schedule to follow. Things were on schedule, and perhaps complacency set in upon seeing that we are kinda chill most of the time. My view was that since we had chemistry, he's a nice chap and he said he will get it done, i will not be so pushy and just let him handle it. Afterall, who likes to work for someone that's so uptight? We all need some "space" and we will work well... Think i have to be more firm to my ID to get things done. Currently in the midst of installing all carpentry works. Major disappointment when the carpenter brought in all the prepared woodworks on Saturday and saw that the MBR wardrobe design is totally not what we wanted. We have told our ID numerous times that we did not want his design and sent him a picture of the design we wanted. Even on the day the carpenter came down to measure, I reminded my ID in front of the carpenter of the wardrobe design. He said he will send it to the carpenter. In the end, it came wrongly. And when we spoke to the workers they called my ID. My ID told them because we made last minute changes! So furious that i send my ID a firm text to remind him the dates that i confirm with him the wardrobe changes and it was not last minute on our part. Thankfully he did not attempt to persuade us to accept it like some of the stories shared here. Also, things are speeding up I hope... Actually, apart from the delay and this cock up. Things are generally ok. Especially the professionalism of the electrician, aircon guys and carpenters. They provide good advise base on their expertise and experience and take pride in their work! Keeping my fingers cross that the end product will be fine.
  7. Hi Shor, Thank you very much for sharing Gary's contact. Have just gotten my LEDs from him too. If only i read ur blog much earlier will have plan to install more lights around my house
  8. Wow! Ur reno is really fast! I am still waiting for the carpenter to come install all the carpentry works. Think my handover will only be done in another 2 weeks..
  9. My glass hobz and fujioh fx900 hood delivered today! Can't wait for it to be unboxed and installed! Excited to see it in my kitchen. I was actually recommended the Rinnai inner flame (RB-2CG) hob by my ID but it's way beyond my budget. I have been very impressed with HOBZ when i went to my friend's house as the flame is really big and it cuts her cooking time by alot. After some research, the feedback for HOBZ is that they have big flame, so i guess it's not just a "one-off" thing. When i was apprehensive about getting a glass hob I was very keen to purchase the exact same HOBZ HC-682 stainless steel model as her as it is what i need in terms of functionality. But after giving a call directly to HOBZ asking them more and places where I can view the various models. I was introduced the glass hob with inner flame with the other burner being a big flame burner. Since i no longer have a L-top kitchen cabinet to help block the wind out in the kitchen, I am really keen in having an inner flame hob. I also decided to give glass hob a try despite the reviews of it cracking or shattering, i think my cooking is actually pretty simple and basic that i will not be heating the hob for too long at 1 time. *keeping my fingers cross* As such i decided to go with HOBZ HC 1782 BK. The cost is a difference of only $10! Good deal! As for the hood, initially it wasn't in my plans to buy one as my previous one died on me pretty early and before it died it was actually being under utilized. However after researching, I decided to spend abit of money to get one to prevent my top cabinets from warping due to direct heat and laminates being grimy and sticky due to the oil and grease. Going for the best bang for my buck, i chose the Fujioh FX900. Not too cheap that it will not serve it's purpose and not too expensive that when it becomes an white elephant in future I will regret splurging on it.
  10. Can share the link for the soap dispensers and memory foam toilet mats?
  11. I moved them to storehub. got a promotional deal with $0 move in for first month. Not renovating the toilet and storeroom so left some items there too. Now in the midst of renovation due to rewiring works as well as painting, the workers moved the items to 1 room wrap with cardboard and tape it up.
  12. I was very happy with the decision to shave off the idea and cost of having L-Box with LED down-lights for the living room. However, after re-wiring the whole house, it seems pretty unsightly. Even though I've been to houses where they do not do any concealing and i found it to be acceptable. But when I step into the house with it's current state I can't visualize it looking acceptable. Maybe I'm used to seeing the concealed effect in my house done up by my father. It looks really ugly to me when I see the trunking everywhere now. My ID proposed once again to do the L-box, after recee-ing the site for a few times. I decided to go ahead. Today, the moment I step in to see... I'm astonish to see how "boxed up" my ceiling have become, giving me a very low ceiling feel. Perhaps I am not use to such a scale of box up! Previously ours was only a box up around the sides of the ceiling and not boxed up to create a rectangle shape. Now I'm concern how it will turn out after installing the crestar airvac 54" fan. Hopefully once the painting is done, I will be able to visualize it more.
  13. Camping here to see ur updates! so excited for u