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  1. hi pinkoverdose basically u need to plan your schedule. I can only say its a good time to start sourcing your items now. i took about 2 months to find reliable sellers and finding out what i need. so once your id is confirm, get a schedule from them. from there u can plan when to buy and when they will arrive. and also minimize the time needed for storage. I can recommend my id who can help to buy TB stuff and plan the storage and delivery time. as for the sink, you can buy any size, when the time for you to do the kithcen cabinet, give them the dimensions of your sink and they will cut the hole according to your size.
  2. Hi Fozie Sorry for the late reply. I have been busy with the house fixing and the final parts of it. My island is 800 x 2100. the table is another 1400. so if you add up its about 3500 in length total. We initally wanted to do a 5000 length extending it to the living room but realise it might be a little too much for a 3 room. Will be installing the table top tomrw. so once everything is up, i will post the photos up. Thanks for following it
  3. Hi If you are interested to share pool for Taobao buying, please PM me. I have a shipment from Amcon that is only 20% filled. Can split cost if you also don't have enough items to fill the standard crate.
  4. Hi If you are interested to share pool for Taobao buying, please PM me. I have a shipment from Amcon that is only 20% filled. Can split cost if you also don't have enough items to fill the standard crate.
  5. Today is confirmation of all carpentry works. This is like after a week of designing and changing and re-working out the final costs of all the carpentry works. Finally came to an agreement of design, practicability and cost to satisfy all conditions. Painting of all the rooms are done. Last minor touch-up for the painting once the carpentry is up The kitchen walls are givenan application of epoxy to the cement screed walls. Its effect something that you either hate it or you will love it. Its due to the reaction of the epoxy together with the air and mixture content of the cement screed. The fine hairline cracks will be visible, the patching works especially to the corner of the walls and ceilings will all manifest. Its either you love the natural look if you are really into industrial feel, or you will hate it cos you think its dirty and patchy. Personally, for me it's a love/hate relationship. Have to wait till my wife see and comment on it. Next 2 weeks is no work. Just fixing up the vinyl floor strips. It will be 2 weeks of delivery of the rest of the items to be installed in the house. Guess we'll just have to wait and see.
  6. Thanks crosswind They just cleared all the debris today. Painting tomorrow and 1st chemical wash on Sat.
  7. I don't think there's any requirements on this. As for feng shui, I'm not a fan of it, so can't advise much.
  8. The first batch of TB items are here. Most of the items look good. Nice and simple. Here's some of the photos. Washing machine tap. Looks good and solid stainless steel. However the floor trap can't be used. Apparently the floor trap in china is a smaller size. Oh well, it's only $4 so i guess its fine. But if anyone wants a small size stainless steel floor trap, can PM me haha MBR basin and tap. I must say the tap seems pretty huge. Guess will only see the effect after installation Next up, door bell. Battery operated so no need wiring. The kitchen sink is in a wooden crate. I got no tools to open. But here are the accessories. Very cool looking tap which comes with a chopping board, stainless steel drainer and 6 piece knife set as free gift Will post other items another time as some of it are still in crates.
  9. The kitchen tiles are finally here. Tiler has been busy last 3 days fixing up the kitchen tiles and the base for the kitchen cabinet. Now he's doing the skirting round the house and then tomrw would be the base for the kitchen island. After which, the carpentry will be coming to measure all the carpentry.
  10. Unfortunately the storeroom has already been hacked and gone. That was the debate me and my wife had about the storage. Actually the walk-in is for all family members including the children. And not all walk-in space is wardrobe. Quarter of it is actually a cabinet for storage purposes. Plus we are also going to have platform beds to stash stuff that we have to keep and can't throw for sentimental reasons. We don't really like to keep stuff at home, having the store only gives the wife more excuse to hoard stuff that we don't need.