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  1. Thanks angeljas. Here is Alan's contact: 98892008. May I have your email address?
  2. Hi crystaltiong, We din encounter any problems with him. He just did whatever he was told, and it was done pretty fast and well. There was once when I want to change the telephone point in the living room from one wall to another which is quite a long distance, but he suggested me to move the point from the bedroom to the living room (shorter distance), as he said we dont usually need a telephone in the bedroom, and we took his suggestion. Other than that, anything communicated with him he was able to carry out efficiently. For your case, perhaps it may be good to confirm the electrical points with Alan first?
  3. Hi thanks. You can refer to my previous post, no. 84 on the review for my contractor.
  4. As a general guide on the size of TV to buy, here is what I have found from the internet. If you sit 1.2m - 1.8m from the screen, buy a 19 - 26 inch TV. If you sit 1.8m - 2.7m from the screen, buy a 27 - 38 inch TV. If you sit 2.7m - 3.35m from the screen, buy a 39 - 46 inch TV. If you sit 3.35m - 3.96m from the screen, buy a 47 - 55 inch TV. If you sit 4.26m from the screen, buy a set larger than 55 inches.
  5. Ya, the distance from console to sofa is about 5m. We haven't decided if we want to place our dining table there. If we are to place our dining table there, we will shift the sofa forward and the distance will be smaller. If not, we will have to buy a larger TV.
  6. yes. it is bought at $890 at Mondi, IMM. only the back and seat cushions have removable covers. The sofa is quite comfy. not too hard nor soft. cant give much feedbacks cos we havent moved in yet...
  7. ?? Hi!! What a surprise!! haha. Din expect to be recognised like that. lol. You have a great scandi house too! Yup, see you soon!!
  8. Err.. I also dont know what materials they use. For the laminate, we just choose from the catalogue that Alan gave us... For the shoe cabinets and tv console which we want them with round edges, Ah Tan told us that we can only choose those with "stars" indicated, as those are the laminates that can bend.
  9. Went to our new house to receive the arrival of the sofa. And also to take the pics of the glass wall and glass door. Here are the pics. Brick Wall/ Glass wall Glass Door
  10. Hi, my induction cooker costs $1260. Bosch, bought from Kong Tai.
  11. hi crystaltiong, You can try asking Alan for discount, I think he will be willing to reduce his price. Yes, the carpentry guy is Ah Tan. I have heard of Ah Gui in renotalk, he is quite popular. But no, we din get him, and also didnt request for him. I think Alan assigned Ah Tan to us cos he lived very near to our new house, more convenient.... luckily Ah Tan turns out to be quite good too. My mirror cabinet is the same link as the basin cabinet. I tried to enter the link just now but was directed to a page saying that the item has been moved or removed. If you want, you can try. here is the link: http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a230r.1.14.355.1nS1Jw&id=39167749362&ns=1#detail Otherwise you can try searching for the keywords, 马可波罗浴室柜 蓝色卫浴柜欧式橡木吊柜洗面盆浴室柜 All the best in your reno with Alan!