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  1. Thanks for the input man! Well I still like the look of it and I'm looking at something really simple. Got a quote for about $1.2k actually but have not confirm the job.
  2. False wall? As in a feature wall? Yeah actually that's what I'm thinking of. I wanted to do up a simple wall feature with a suspended TV console. I tried inspaces online and turns out to be about $1500. Any cheaper source?
  3. I'm thinking of doing up just the TV console with a backing for the TV to be hung and a suspended console for the players. Anyone has any recommendation for such ala carte order from contractor?
  4. Try to get a quote from Floor Option. Look for Lena.
  5. I ended getting from the same company that sells pergo. But I bought Robina instead. A malaysian brand. So far no issue.
  6. $4.20 for Supreme sounds relatively cheap but I chose Robina instead. Honestly I don't think there's any difference.
  7. I concur. Robina is actually good enough.
  8. Not sure what's AC3 and AC5 but so far Robina is ok for me.
  9. Yeah u r right. When I got my contractor to hack my study room, he was already quite reluctant but since I know him personally he did it for me so I won't recommend him also coz I know he won't wanna do it. But when I engage Floor Option to do the laminate on my floor, I was given an option to hack away the existing skirt for a small fee. You can try to check with them for the direct of the contractor that they work with for the hacking.
  10. Yes yes posted in another thread. Go check it out!
  11. Bro can give some details of the work done for $2.5k? Thanks!
  12. Shouldn't cost too much to just hack away but why do you need to do that?
  13. Slightly darker wood for the rooms... Completed room... Half done living room... Man at work...