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  1. Thanks for info/ suggestion. To be exact: mbr wc : smelly kitchern wc: muddy ventilation pipe : in kitchen toilet I have tried to flush without doing any biz. e.g. i didn't touch mbr toilet for whole day and flush every morning. But smell still came out every evening. (i locked mbr just to make sure, anyway only two people staying currently) kitchen toilet , my mum using but i checked, she only do it once everyday.
  2. I am now staying on the lower half of the flat. 5th of 12 floor. When i flush my toilets (both masterbedroom and kitchen) in the morning. They were clear, transparent water. When i return from work in the evening, the WC water became slightly muddy. Water level in wc is still around there, not much lowering of water level in both wc. Masterbedroom is slightly more smelly than kitchen's wc. I read before that the flow of water in wc can be affected by other flushing activities done by neighbours above your floor or below yours, in that when they flush, it can introduce some air in the ventilation column and suck out some water. Any possibilities? Case in point: How to solve the issue? Get a good plumber? Need to change sewage pipe of floor above? or floor below? or complain PUB? town council? I think the issue at hand is to know 1. the logic of how wc water flow out, 2. who/ what can fix it Any ideas?
  3. Is Boon Lay stationary somewhere near Boon Lay MRT? I don't mind a physical look. Also, any idea if there are natural fibre yoga mat sold in Singapore? I understand most yoga mat are plastic to absord sweat, and may not welcome wheels to be rolled on. But to balance between parquet beauty and ease of operation, i will choose the former
  4. does it feel good to touch? The beauty of parquet as compared to granite, ceramic tiles or other tiles available is the great feel of wood on skin.
  5. I am using an Alve storage bench in my study room for sitting. Sliding into the comp table for neat storage and pulling out when computing. http://www.turbosquid.com/FullPreview/Index.cfm/ID/224866 It has four small wheels for moving. However, I noticed the wheels are damaging to the parquet. Any feasible way to protect the parquet underneath it? I read that Ikea's floor protector is more for carpet and not really useful for parquet. I have consider carpet but don't really like its high maintenability and capacity to trap dust.
  6. jpcc

    Chinese Calligraphy

    i think it really depends on whether u know how to appreciate Chinese Calligraphy. (i.e. no drawing, just Chinese words) There are five types of more popular strokes/ scripts, e.g. Zhuan , Li, Kai, Xing, Cao http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calligraphy I would think it is better to be able to appreciate one of the script, and know why it is considered pretty/ well written before plunging the money down lor. Cuz, sometimes, i went to exhibition and saw some people selling calligraphy pieces, some are really bian jiak. If u buy some piece already and think they are nice, but when your guests came (and know how to appreciate), can be quite pai say lor. Sometimes, during Chinese new year, or some Chinese festivals, there are calligraphy competition, some of the winning entries by students are quite good. But most wrote in Kaishu only. Can be quite boring for your home, depends on theme, and also what u wanna write lah.... If get from China or Taiwan (museum), maybe more possibility. Btw, in China , also need to know who/where to find. Hangzhou is quite ok. But best if you get people who knows, and recommend. These are art pieces, n depend also on whether u know enough Chinese to carry such weight. I.e. explain style/content or critique... maybe.... my 2cents.
  7. i think u need to measure the WC pipe hole to wall. Use ceiling sewage outlet of floor above as reference. The older flats are using 12" which have limited WC to choose from. There are others WC which are 3" , 5" or some other offerings. During installation, one can do some adjustment (using pan collar) but max adjustment is 2". Do your homework before shopping.
  8. Any suggestion where to look for contemporary wood key storage case that can be hang on wall?
  9. I notice some key case in Home Fix (marina square) . But those available looks like key storage for heavy industries, construction site made of metal. Functional but not really homely. I also saw some key case in furniture shop which has a country theme. Any simple key case that can be hang in living room, behind door? Preferably wood n priced below $50.
  10. i think one should not be too judgemental about things, especially such things. No one knows what happen during the process or what touches one person may be revolting to another. (ok, the old adage of one man's meat is another man's poision lah...) There is such a hypothesis of fate , yuan fen, which is quite interesting, n i heard it somewhere... 1) If a man and a woman is fated to love each other for "x" years, it will be great if they stay with each other for "x" years. 2) If they stay with each other for "y" years and x < y . Mmmmm, when y-x = n those n years will be **** to both of them. So don't be too judgemental, if u believe in such fate lor... just my 2 cents.
  11. i watch documentary of nature and they say infidelity is a gene present in animals, including human. Woman also stray but more psychologically than physically, i think.
  12. yes, dryer needs electricity to take care of the electronics/ operating mechanism. The gas is used for heating. If gas lever is not open (i.e. allow gas to flow to dryer), the dryer will blow cold air for quite some time (say five - ten minutes) while displaying the "11" in the time counter. The user manual stated that "11" indicates gas is not turned on in the dryer.
  13. I read somewhere that Front load washing machine requires to use low sud washing powder due to the design of machine (drum, washing/ spinning mechanism). I believe we may be seeing the front load WM gaining popularity, however, there are still many mothers out there familiar with top load (my mum especially), and the washing powder brands they are familiar with are not low sud. Last Friday, my mum tried the normal (top load) washing method she honed many moons ago, i.e. pre-soak using high sud powder, wash , rinse a bit, wash a bit, then put it into front load WM (Brandt WFM 08771). As usual, it did not work well. There are too much lather and washing machine was confused. Anyway, long story short, we cleared out lather, and tried another washing with low sud powder on Sunday. (Clearing out some residual lather on Sunday washing). I read somewhere that long term usage of high sud powder may spoil the plastic closure, which we are cautiously aware now, and will not touch high sud powder/ front load WM with a ten foot pole. Any suggestion on the remedy, recovery path of front loading washing machine after this small hiccup?
  14. Apologise for the initial jitters. Read the manual and realise: When time counter shows "11", it means gas not turn on. Cuz oriiginally i checked the gas lever of the dryer and following the direction of gas lever outside flat's (for Citygas pipe into home). The indicator of direction for the lever (dryer) is facing the wall, hence i do not have a visual confirmation. Turned out they are turned on in opposite direction. Looks like there is no standard direction of gas lever. Double check the direction. eg. Vertical to floor level = Gas on Horizontal to floor level = Gas off Waiting time is little. 1-2 min, max.
  15. I did my walkabout in NTUC just now and saw "lock n lock" with another brand "Komax". They are the two brands with similar quick, fast locking mechanism using Tupperware shape container. Let's say they are the enhanced version of Rubbermaid or Tupperware. Any past user experience on which brand is better for usage for storing food, Chinese dry stuff in fridge?