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  1. Hi there! Need your advice, please.... Both my hubby and I quite like the unit, as its much nearer to my parents-in-law.. The unit is quite old, 30 years old, and more spacious, but downside is full renovation required for a original condition that is rent out for many years. So we offer $70k below their asking price due to remote area, and far-away from bus interchange, as the unit requires reno.. but the agent replied, it is too far apart from their asking price through text.. I feel that he is not sincere enough, as when viewing the unit, he mentioned that the owner knows its high cost for reno, and can offer any price that we wanted. so why different from talking on spot, and text? To counter my offer price, i told him in a nasty tone that his description is far cry from what we have seen in real life, and their asking price is about the same price for those houses that are nearer to bus interchange/ shopping mall. (he claimed that there is amenities downstairs, etc, but truth is too remote area with forest viewing side...) Is there any tips to get the housing agent to "understand" the market, and talk to the owner? FYI - the unit started advertised in Sept this year, and so far no takers for this unit.. The owner has multi-properties, and is not in hurry to sell off after long years of renting.
  2. Got the quotation to replace the whole toilet bowl with the pipe attaching to the wall for $550. Quite high cost. not sure if its market price. can share anyone who offer the best quotation? thanks
  3. Anybody is using the Balst Vac Pro - https://jml.sg/products/blast-vac-pro?taxon_id=4? Any reviews to share? Thanks!
  4. I'm looking for custom-wood frame with glass including laminate to install on my existing display cabinet in the living room and kitchen. I need 5 oval shape and 1 big rectangle for my display cabinet, and for the kitchen, only 1 square. Please recommend any reliable direct supplier/factory to customize based on my measurement and install them myself.
  5. hmm, i feel that your agent is siding with the seller's agent for some reasons (perhaps benefits) instead of representing you. depends on how much you can afford to pay. do take your time to consider the seller's request or look for another one. Buyer's market this time. good luck
  6. Anybody bought 3 GEN unit from the first batch of BTO? I'm interested to hear the reno ideas on 3 GEN units.
  7. Thank you for valuable replies! Went for 2nd round viewing before deciding how much to offer 2 days ago. I just pass up the unit that the owner still insist a higher offer after making an offer including reasons of being bad condition & not so convenient . Above last transacted price. Strange enough, the agent has taken down the listing after I made an offer yesterday.
  8. The flat is around 30 years old. I like the unit a lot when I first step in . The unit is in very original condition, and the first owner passed away in 2014. It is vacant till very recent to be ordered to dispose by HDB. (The agent and surviving kin told us, and I'm wondering how come they manage to hold on more than 6 months upon the owner' passing.) Consider the surrounding and convient:- - totally unblocked view and strong windy. More greenery. Very high. Almost top floor. - about 10-20min to LRT, a few bus stops, shopping centre. Last transaction around this unit is $470k. The surviving kin is asking for $550k. I feel they want COV despite original condition. a few questions on my mind - how long to dispose of unit when the owner is no longer around. - how to bring up the question whether they are in urgent to sell - is it possible to ask $100k under their asking price? I'm looking at $450k. From what I understand, many surviving kin or owner might ask for COV for high floor despite poor condition. i'm quite worried that the agent might play around the offer price, and buy time for a better offer. The agent asked me whether I hold private properties when making enquiry before viewing. Please share tips on nego, etc beside my questions on my 2nd viewing.
  9. anyone has done the tilting of main door? can share the reliable contractor or carpentry?
  10. Anybody is keen to buy for your house? https://carousell.com/sell/27205148
  11. http://carousell.com/p/27205148/ Pm me if interested.
  12. need some advise.. thinking of replacing all the "tradition" downlight (those with CLF lights) with LED downlight.. receiving a few quotes from different lights shops, and nearly $800 including installation cost ($12 per light x 25).. each LED downlight piece cost roughly $16-$20.. is it wise to replace all? will have problem after installing LED lights? have been using traditional lights for 7 years++.. not sure if it will be cost-saving in long run when replacing...
  13. http://carousell.com/p/27205148/ It's authenatic painting. Does not fade away easily! Pm me if interested.
  14. Anybody hears about the gas oven before? is it allowed to use in HDB home?