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  1. Any success story to share bo?Cheers!
  2. I also am very interested to hear your version of explanation and theory.Sincerely, Lauer
  3. I have seen this forced-sell rationale given so many times in this forum, so it is true that people opted for HDB loan instead of a bank's eventhough the bank's is lower? Cheers!
  4. Ah, what is landed living without a true garden? I am no expert in gardening, but it depends on what you want to do (that is, the degree of involvement in gardening) you should be able to find most of the plants/trees in the nurseries along Bah Soon Pah Road. If you were to attempt a garden like the one shown in the video, then to me there is no question that you would have to be very hand-on. Even so, the project is without an endpoint (so to speak), requires ample dose of patience, and yet you could find yourself humbled repeatedly by the plants and trees. I have no knowledge of importing a plant or tree. Good lucks!
  5. Did I make these claims on FS? LOL!
  6. There is nothing new actually, for the world has seen this situation before.But it is of course impossible to discuss (with you especially, sorry) the present when one does not know the past. Let alone the future. The seed for the present was sowed over one hundred years ago, during the 1910s. If you are up to it, I would suggest a reading of Aldrich Plan, the actions of Fed Reserve under Benjamin Strong, the British under Montagu Norman, the German under various central bankers and finally how to idiotic French under Moreau whose actions drove the German to re-arm and start the WWII. And after the war, why the formation of monetary union in Europe etc. Oh, let's not not forget the impressive Maynard Keynes. Cheers!
  7. Good.Please suggest a good FSM to #youknowwho. Cheers!
  8. Did I say these?The5Cs and I were talking about markets la... 真是的... Cheers!
  9. I don't know if FS could change a behavior.You have any success story to share bo? Cheers!
  10. In general, and in my view, high opinionated people should avoid the markets. Especially as a trader.It is because in the markets, one has to be brutally honest with himself. Most people who do consistently well there would have found a way to be emotionally detached from a buy/sell decision and able to cut loss effortlessly. When one is able to cut loss with ease, the rest would be fairly simple (for example, the technical aspect of a price chart). In short, the better trader is a psychopath. Cheers!
  11. And for the history, American Pharoah gained immortality in winning the Triple Crown in 37 years. Triple Crown winners 1919 -- Sir Barton 1930 -- Gallant Fox 1935 -- Omaha 1937 -- War Admiral 1941 -- Whirlaway 1943 -- Count Fleet 1946 -- Assault 1948 -- Citation 1973 -- Secretariat 1977 -- Seattle Slew 1978 -- Affirmed 2015 -- American Pharoah Enjoy!
  12. Unless you are running a datacenter at home (or elsewhere for that matters), there is no practical difference between having the cat 6e or cat 7. Even then, the equipment for the datacenter would have to be state of art to leverage on the capability of cat 7 cable. Just my 2-cents thought. Cheers!
  13. I found it strange when a Xtian asked (and laughed at the notion of), what has the stars got to do with 命. The story of Christianity actually started with the stars as described in Genesis. I wouldn't go into the detail of the story (readers could google for it), today this story is still represented in how we called some of the days in a week. Saturday represents Saturn-day in the Genesis, Sunday of course refers to the victory of the Sun over Saturn, Monday is Moon-day represents the triumph of Jehovah over Venus. Jehovah of course is also called Allah for the Muslim, where in the Muslim world the moon as the symbol of Islam. Jehovah is the Moon God, one of the seven gods collectively called Elohim. Also. Easter Day, Xmas Day both refers to a star positioning, the movement of the Sun. My point? There is a lot of similarity in the belief of various cultures eventhough they are obviously developed independently from thousands of years ago; the Egyptian, the Hindu, the Chinese etc. Therefore, to laugh at one of them only showed how much you really know about your own belief. Cheers!
  14. What does Quantum Physics say about reality? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZM9fEZhCAr4&sns=em Enjoy!
  15. I am glad that they have been helpful. No, I am not in construction but I would buy landed house to redevelop when there is an opportunity and so, would require the knowledge of what a contractor is up to.The purpose of the solvent is to dissolve and remove the epoxy trapped (minutely) within the surface (pretty much the same purpose of applying make-up removal in cleansing a face). It really depends on how thorough the contractor wants the job to be done, because then the subsequent moisture test is more definitive. Another approach is to sand the surface. The epoxy is to be mixed with a hardener in the proportion instructed by the manufacturer. The contractor should know how to mix and apply properly, if not he should consult the firm where he bought the epoxy from. Good luck!