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  1. This client of ours has given us permission to post the Ziwei Ming Pan (ZWMP - 紫微命盘) for discussion purpose. The client is in the early 30s. From the ZWMP, looking at the wealth for this period alone, some may think that it is good. As we examine the ZWMP in depth, there is a 自化忌 in the wealth sector which cause his wealth to be quite bad. His wealth starts to get better when he is closer to the end of this period. This is because the next period wealth sector is quite good. There will always be ups and downs in life. If we can properly manage the downside in advance, we may not fall so badly. Call us at +65 82980348 for destiny read.
  2. Dear all, This year's Dragon Boat Festival falls on 20.06.2015. It's the day with the most yang energy in a year. If you have Agarwood, you may use this chance to scent it in the middle of the house to build up the yang energy in your house. Cheers!
  3. Hi Retiresoon, The proof is in the pudding. The best way to substantiate a theory is to engage us and let us prove it to you. It's not constructive to quote you more cases and in turn, you end up with more questions. Thanks.
  4. Hi Lauer, We agree that fengshui cannot totally reshape a person's destiny. However, we can use it to improve the person's destiny by maximising the good and minimising the bad (趋吉避凶). Like what we have mentioned previously, fengshui and destiny always overlapped. So it is possible to use fengshui to improve a person's destiny. Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Cheers
  5. Hi 6 = Inauspicious just because it's not period star is not a standard concept. With the live case which you question us (the unit facing the highway), so how do you explain why it can prospers since the front facing and main door is 41. The owner move-in in period 7. The owner is better off since he move into the new unit. Maybe you can explain why the owner prosper instead of saying we are wrong. We are not challenging you, or rather, we hope you can give us a valid reason that substantiate your point because we can't provide a reasonable explanation why he prospers using your proposed theory (from what you proposed, 41 is not auspicious in period 7 as well). Please enlightened us. In our earlier case (the unit facing the highway), star 1 is auspicious in period 7 if u notice it, which substantiate our point. All Fengshui / Destiny schools have their own branches after so many years. Every school will proclaimed they are right. It's just like any other knowledge out there. They develop their own way of reading with their methods behind, as long as it doesn't divert away from the basic concept of Qi and they can solve problems, then the method is acceptable. Like we have stated before, feel free to fix an appointment with us. If we are not up to mark, we won't charge you. It's better than debating over the forum. 5 minutes is all it takes to determine if the Fengshui Practionier is skilled enough. Cheers
  6. Hi, Maybe we were not clear. This House is Facing SW with Flying Stars 41 on the Facing. In this case, 77 Flying Stars will confirm be in the Sitting. 雙星到坐. Just to add on for your knowledge, in XKFX, there are 4 fundamental 格局. 1. 到山到向 2. 上山下水 3.双星到坐 4.双星到向 If u ever plot a chart and you don't get any of the 4 格局, then your chart is incorrect. It does not matter whether west got 14 or east got 59. We know what you are talking about but when it comes to checking whether you plot the right chart, one thing to look at is 格局. And I am pretty sure no matter which masters you ask, they will say the same thing for 4 fundamental 格局. If the front facing is any combination without 7, the sitting will never be any other combination other than 77 in period 7. We hope you understand what we are talking about. Postion of bed will affect the way we read the charts but it will never change the flying star chart. Cheers
  7. Hi Lauer, Sorry for being unclear. In that particular case, the client current career period (大官禄) actually has 贪狼化忌 which is a bad star according to books. But, he actually get a promotion and higher pay recently.It so happened that he has some basic understanding of Ziwei when he looked for us. He was puzzled and worried about his own career due to贪狼化忌. However, we pointed out to him that by just purely reading based on 贪狼化忌, he will miss the big picture. We take this case out to illustrate to people with prior ziwei knowledge that it is not conclusive just by looking at individual sector. We look at 四化飞星and we will be able to look beyond that. We pointed out to him that he will experience some improvements in his career during this current period but we do highlight to him that he need to be wary of this 贪狼化忌 (It's still a bad star after all). We proposed fengshui remedies to mitigate the effect of 贪狼化忌. As to what are the solutions, we can't really spell out over the forum. When we talk about四化飞星 and its related remedies, it will be very technical and messy. And that's the reason we suggest you to pm us instead. Our objective is to highlight to readers that sometimes we can be mislead by what is written in books or over the internet. Over the years, through practices and guidance from good teachers, we actually found that some important things are left out from the books or not explained clearly which led to many confusion. Of course, not to mention, there are many schools and different types of theories being advocated. This is also one of the many reason why people are skeptical about Fengshui. Therefore, one will really need many years of learning and practising to be good at it. Cheers
  8. Hi Retiresoon, In XKFS, there are 4 fundamental 格局 that will fit into all Flying Stars Charts. No matter which direction the house is facing or sitting, it will falls into this 4 fundamental 格局. Please don't memorise which combination falls where and which combination is opposite of which combination. It will only confuse you. With regards to your second question, if you take the general reading of the block as a whole, it is not SW facing. It is an unit in Bukit Merah. Individual units may have different readings even if they are next to each other facing the same direction due to the way we take the readings. Also, in Xuan Kong, 15 degrees can make a difference in the Flying Stars. In any case, factors like the period stars/positioning of beds/arrangement of bedrooms and a lot of other factors will also change the Flying Stars Charts and/or the way we do the reading. We are mid 30s actually. Being involved in this since we were 18 serving our NS due to affinity. We have heard of that theory as well. It's a different school of thoughts from ours. In our school of thoughts, after period 6 had passed, star 6 will not be a 旺星 anymore. But it does not mean it is inauspicious because it is still a 三吉星. We don’t want to comment who’s right/wrong. As we emphasize, if we use a school of theory, we follow through with all the methods taught, so that there’s no confusion. At the end of the day, the methods used can vary. What is most important is the read and the solutions work.
  9. We are conducting our Quarterly Destiny Theme Read this June. This quarter will be focusing on career. Date: 6th June 2015 (Sat, 11am to 5pm) Theme: Career Destiny reads + proposed solution Price: $68 per pax Call us now @ +65 82980348 to do a booking now. **Due to logistic arrangements, we will not be able to accept walk-ins on that day. Thank you for your understanding. **
  10. Hi Retiresoon, There is no mistake about the Flying Stars chart. In fengshui audit, the facing of the house can only be determined by using Fengshui Compass (when we go down personally to take the measurements) and not by just reading the floorplan of the house. This house is facing 坤 south-west. Your chart seems to be wrong as all period 7 charts should have 7 star at the facing and /or sitting of the house. But your suggested chart do not have any star 7. This is a fundamental for all Flying Star charts. If the correct method is used, individual units within the same stretch will have different Fengshui Compass readings, resulting in different charts.
  11. Hi Retiresoon, 1,6,8 is regarded as 三吉 in XKFS,and they are generally auspicious in all periods. In period 8, 6 star is still an auspicious star.
  12. Hi Bepgof, Yup..XKFS is linked back t蒋大鸿. You are right. There are many critics about XKFS and 蒋大鸿. However, this is because, people don't understand the full theory. Unfortunately, Chinese like to keep trade secrets to ourselves when we publish books. If you are not taught the correct methods (which will include the whole suite of date selections/Audits/remedies), purely reading books/theories off book shelves/Google don't make much sense. This is true for all Fengshui/ Destiny techniques out there. The 20 years cycle is not questionable. XKFS and Destiny Reads are 2 different theories altogether. Just to add on, 20 years cycle can be sub-divided into 10 years cycle. However, you will need to know how to interpret it. When we put XKFS's theory into our audits and it always overlap with the person's own Destiny. As I always say in my class, don't complicate matters. Know what we are looking at, if not everything will become rojak. All the different Fengshui schools have their own pros/cons. We recognise that XKFS has it's own limitations as it may be too inflexible at times. However, it is not like what the critics have claimed.
  13. Hi Lauer, For this case, we used Ziwei Personalised Fengshui methods to mitigate the issue. We tackled the issue of 贪狼化忌 directly by giving him some recommendations. If we explain further, it will become too technical. If you are interested to find out more, feel free to PM us.
  14. Hi Lauer, No, the case triggered Flying Star 3 which was auspicious for selected periods only. If the shop is still around by Period 5 (ie. 1944 - 1963), the shop will run into cash flow problems.