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  1. How is your tender? Found the builder you want? 

    We are thinking of engaging an architect now instead of going direct to D&B company. Thinking of  chen+choi, any recommendation?

    Thank you.


    Simon Choo

  2. Hi Serangoony, 

    I suppose your new house is in Serangoon? :D

    Anyway, I am still considering to just do a A&A or to reconstruct my new semid to 2.5 storey (existing 2 storey).

    Please put me on your Facebook discussion.

    My Facebook name is Simon Choo, email is cymon@ymail.com .

    Thank you.


    Simon Choo

  3. anyone keen to build my house? I'm calling tender within 2 weeks. PM me
  4. I have the same problem for 2 bedrooms at the back, facing west. In the end, I put a balcony there instead of a wall. So I can put blinds some distance from the balcony, so there would be a pocket of air at the balcony and then the sun would not reach into the room.
  5. those on this thread... are you guys keen to join me in a private Facebook page discussions?
  6. haha... you're right! I did the reverse. It was tougher because the facade kinda look a little off after the ID has his go on design first. But the good thing was everything was design according to how I would use the house, and then we adjust the facade later. I got an independent ID because my belief was any good designer would strike out on their own eventually. So I think I paid a bit more for my ID. Btw, how is your house going now? wanna chat in private? Give me some tips leh...
  7. I also building a mezzanine.... how did you design your air conditioning since the ceiling is so high?
  8. Hi guys, sorry MIA for so long. haha... in the end I got my friend in Indonesia to design a colonial house for me, with some Bali design elements. So my building route is like this. I'm a tortoise in design. Now that everything is ready, I hope the building is speedy. If you want to go the same route, let me know. Perhaps I'll start a Facebook page to share some the progress if more people are keen. - Bought house (Sep 2015) - House handover (Dec 2015) - Architect Friend to design and plan layout (started Nov 2015) - Got a SG local ID to help refine space planning (started Jan 2016) - Architect Friend produce CAD and 3D visualisation - Appointed a local Structural Engineer with basic Architect services to refine the plan according to URA (Jun 2016) - Appointed a Quantity Surveyor to prepare tender document <<< I'm at this stage now - Appoint Builder and start building I figure I'll have to start building after Chinese New Year. is anyone still out there building? Would love to hear your tips and the route you went.
  9. Hello I've just signed my designer for my home and will be looking for a builder soon. I would like to start a small group of owners who are doing similar things. I believe there would be some savings eg. If we have 8 houses, we'll spend about $400-500k on air conditioners. Surely this is stronger buying power than me spending $50k. Things I am doing in the months to follow are - spend 500-700k in house building and related expenses - confirm an engineer and architect for the submission of the drawings - confirm a builder for the A&A project: doing the structure extension, flooring, plumbing and electrical - buying air conditioner for 3 floors of my house - organising a trip to Guangzhou (3:50hr flight time) to buy marble, tile & outdoor furniture (my designer recommended wooden flooring buy from SG) - attending the furniture fair in Jakarta (45mins flight time) to buy wooden furniture, beds and outdoor furniture So if you are like minded, feel free to PM me and we can start our adventure together. --Serangoony
  10. Hi MetalTab, could you kindly PM me your builder contact?